Sunday, June 11, 2017

Week of June 4 - 10, 2017


We had a wonderful Sunday! Fast and Testimony was filled with inspiring experiences of faith through trials and learning. The rest of our meetings were also wonderful.

I completed one letter to my inmate friend, Jessica, and then received one later and felt I should write her another one, so I did later in the week.

Dad tried to make home teaching appointments, but everyone was very busy so they will be  contacted next Sunday to schedule.

Scouts went not so well on Wednesday. We knew that the twin brothers that joined us in March had always been very active in Primary and had a hard time, but we had not before experienced any troubles, in excess of talking and wiggles...until Wednesday. We just couldn't get either boy to engage in anything we were doing. One brother was going around the room over and over, and then I noticed the other one looking off into the sky. By the end, while my co leader was teaching, I was literally wrestling the two, on either side of me, and one bit me...lightly I will say, but still bit me. Very discouraging. Lots of prayer is being utilized to see what we can do....

Dad enjoyed his regular Wednesday night temple session.

I am in Alma 57 in the Book of Mormon.

I have indexed 17523 records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
These kids enjoyed their last week and last day of school.
Poor Sam! He had such fun swimming in their little pool this week, but ended up with a pretty nasty sunburn!

Adam celebrated his 14th birthday on Friday! Happy Birthday, Adam!

I found out Thursday afternoon that they were indeed coming to Grandma's birthday party. So excited! They came to visit, and ended up in the pool after her party...

Anna is enjoying all these cousins to play with!! 
The Ethan Rice Family
Grampy Wade arrived to have fun with the kids while Ethan traveled to Phoenix for another busy work week for him. Ethan did have time Thursday after all the training he had given for dinner and we made sure Nate and Jess could get a chance while they were in town to see him while he was in town.

 It was fun talking to Kaylee while Ethan visited. She showed me her room, her bed (which she now is sleeping in! Hooray!!), her new fish, and her drawing on her easel. I saw Wade's back but he was far too interested in toys to look at Grammy! Kaylee and I played two games of coast to coast hide and seek and musical chairs before the phone gave out.

Their sweet dog, Lexi, died on Friday. She lived a good life and was a good pet!

The Doran Rice Family
Doran, Amber, Kelsie and Kooper had a good week. It was great to enjoy Grandma's birthday party with them. It got kind of boring for the kids, and so I took Kooper and Annalee to the nursery to enjoy some awesome toys. Doran and Josh playing a little indoor soccer too.

The Morgan Rice
Family doing fine.

Kayty had a trying work week. The place she is at is really poorly managed and she is glad that she has the opportunity to leave in July and return to CVS.

Lows this week:  1 major with seizures, 1 minor

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan found out on Monday that he and his friend will lead the BYU Idaho machine shop once he returns to Idaho. He was very happy, and it solved a great problem, since Jessica is planning on taking classes next semester, and with Elisabeth coming, it would have been very hard for her to continue working for her family plumbing business, so that was truly a blessing. They stayed with us Tuesday night and I cared for Annalee Wednesday morning...we strolled to feed the goat,

went to get groceries,and played the rest of the morning until she crashed asleep in my arms and took a couple of hour nap.

Jessica had that nasty glucose test this week. They didn't tell her to stay hydrated, and by the time they got the blood drawn, she was bruised and literally passed out. She had a rough 24 hours but recovered by the next day.

They visited a few times after work and we had a great time playing! Annalee loved seeing Kooper and Kelsie, and meeting Adam, Grace, Josh and Sam at Grandma's party.

Dad's week was full of meetings, spreadsheets, old directives, new directives, supplier visits, and a trip to a supplier in Prescott on Friday.

I did my typical dust, vacuum, mop, scrub bathrooms, laundry, tomato picking, chicken feeding and locking up, as well as baking and decorating cupcakes for Grandma's birthday party.

Dad's Garden
Tomatoes are about done...and I am thankful. We gave a few away, and I used some dried ones in a layered olive oil and basil concoction that we put in the fridge to use later.
Tomato count: 1463
Year of the House Part 2
No house work this week...

Other highlights
I had to buy whipping cream for the cupcake icing. I like Trader Joes Shelf Stable whipping cream, so I ventured near Arrowhead Mall and bought it. Hobby Lobby was right across the street, and I had never been through the store, so I ventured in and saw this...

The good thing about saving Kayty is that I know her glucose level and am more comfortable venturing further from home on my run...thus, I got to run to the temple...

Happy 80th Birthday, Grandma Dorrie!

Lots of family...good food...awesome fun!

Dick's son,Rick talking to Dee in background. Kelsie, Kooper, Rachael and Amber in foreground

Nathan and Doran, with Dick's daughter, Cindy, in the background
Dee, Dorrie, Susan, Tom, Curtis, Jenny

Josh, Nathan, Adam, Grammy, and Grace

Liz Wallin, Jade and James in background. Shelley Harris and Jerry Toscano in front

 Someone got my camera and helped take some great shots...

Clean up time
Best part...In just a few days time, I was with most of my kids...(sorry you couldn't be there, Morgan!) I can't wait to see the pic Jenny took!

Not so highlights
I walked out of that exhausting and awful scout meeting...and my car would not start. I texted Dad bu the session had already started at the temple, and I tried to call Kayty over and over to come get me...but I ended up walking home, in my scout shirt carrying my scout book bag. I was stopped once by our neighborhood "golfcart getstapo"chief, Scott Anderson, who commented to me that he knew of no scout meetings in the neighborhood (I was very hot and very tired, and almost told him that he really knew little to nothing about the neighborhood, since he thought that a cannery would be running in the basement of the temple before it was every built), which I responded that I taught cub scouts at the church. He offered me a ride home, but I declined and hoped Kayty would come and get me. Dad checked it out after his temple session...wouldn't even jump. So my car sat in the church parking lot all night and he replace the battery the next morning. I was very thankful that it died where I could get home, and dad could fix and it wasn't too far to get it done. Could have been much worse.

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