Saturday, October 20, 2018

Week of October 14-20, 2018


We attended a wonderful session of Stake Conference on Sunday morning. Speakers included our stake president, two youth, President Thompson and his wife from the Phoenix Temple Presidency, President and Sister Smith from the Phoenix Mission Presidency, and Elder Maximo Torres of the Quorum of the Seventy. I learned so much and was able to get some great notes to create a letter for my inmate sister, Jessica. The choir sounded better than I thought it would, and I was glad to have a good seat in the front. Dad visited a couple of his ministering families with his companion in the afternoon, and I was blessed to visit with all the Wilkins, all the Ethan Rice family, and all the Nathan Rice family in the evening.

I attended another very full session at the Phoenix Temple on Tuesday morning. Dad attended a session on Wednesday evening. A funeral in our building kept both of our scout groups from meeting.

I have indexed 16590 records and reviewed 57245 records so far this year.

I am in Mormon 8 in the Book of Mormon.


The Wilkins Family
Grace and Josh sounded wonderful in the choir for their stake conference on Sunday. It was a good meeting and everyone seemed to enjoy it. They had a good family Sunday that included a fun game of Halloween Bingo.

The Ethan Rice Family
Ethan is doing well at his new job. He submitted a presentation, thinking he had made an error in what he created, and he ended up being assigned to teach that very presentation to the other leaders since upper management liked what he did so well. He traveled to Indiana during the week to present and attend meetings. Cameo is well, and Kaylee is loving her school. Poor Wade has been just struggling with a runny nose and cough that won't give up. They didn't want to put him on more antibiotics, so they sent him to an ENT. They are concerned about his adenoids and are treating them right now. He is on new medication...something not so easy to get. He still is active as he can be, but Cameo has kept him away from church nursery and preschool since she doesn't know if what he has is contagious. Here are pics of their totally decorated home...

They attended a neighborhood trick or treat last weekend.

Kaylee celebrated the 50th Day of School by having a 50s party, with music, dressing the era, and dancing. Cameo had less than 24 hours to create the adorable poodle skirt, and she did a fantastic job!
Kaylee has been enjoying baked goods for breakfast, so Wade and Mommy stayed up late one night making pumpkin chocolate chip bread.
On Friday, Kaylee's school celebrated breast cancer awareness by wearing pink.

She won the prize for her class: Most Pink!

The Doran Rice Family
Doran worked in Flagstaff this week and enjoyed the freshly fallen snow.

Amber got this one

Morgan, Aimee, and Emileigh had a fun last weekend with Halloween face painting and fishing.

Kayty had a good week at work. On Friday, she went to Costco and WalMart with us and found this

It has scared Lilly to death! I decided it was staying in the living room. I will create a "ScareCat" with a Christmas theme that might keep her away from my village when I put it up after Halloween.
One minor save this week. 

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan spent eight hours last Saturday doing homework and was still not done. They also had Stake Conference on Sunday! He and the family took a trip south to Blackfoot on Monday for a job interview. Anna has been attending a small preschool group for a few days and is just loving it. Ellie was struggling earlier in the week with a new tooth. You know that girl is not well when she is not smiling. She is really growing up and is not a fan of sharing things with Daddy.

We had a wonderful surprise phone call on Monday! I will need to start creating a new Grammy Stocking. Yes, they will welcome a new baby next year! It will be exciting, with new beginnings of a new life and a new career. Anna is pretty certain it's a baby brother. We are so excited, whether she has a new sister or brother.

Dad's Garden
Dad plants...and replants. One rabbit still remains to leave the yard, and he can easily get into everything, even with chicken wire and bird netting. Dad replanted snow peas in another location. He also transplanted the carrot starts I thinned out. He worked getting our dead citrus cut down (the grapefruit, and Ethan's favorite Tangerine trees) and I hauled limbs to the quarterly bulk trash pile

Other highlights
Light sprinkles on Sunday morning and Sunday evening made for a pretty awesome and cool jog on Monday. The weather this week was beautiful, though my jogging attire went from full hoodie and sweatpants on Tuesday to half that on Saturday (don't take this wrong. I did wear pants and a shirt.The temple spire had just lit up when I jogged by, so I got these.

I was the first one on the grounds after the gate was unlocked. 

Dad finally got new tires this week. I got to sit with the car while he returned home after selecting to work. While I was there, they pushed this race car into a space right by the window.

I ended my Social Media ten day fast on Wednesday morning. One of the first things I saw was a post by a girl my kids had grown up with at church, who shared a picture of her brother, suffering from alcoholism, who overdid and is on life support. It was such a shock after no social media, so I spent my 40 minute run crying: sadness for the Taylor family, and pure gratitude for my children. I could participate in the messaging regarding Nathan and Jessica's baby announcement, and to witness the happiness and fun of all my children was a priceless treasure to me. I am just so thankful for all of you, for the people you have chosen to share your life with, and for the children you have brought into this world. The joy I felt totally lifted me through the sadness I was feeling for a family who had raised their children with mine, who was now praying for a child just to live, not knowing what the future holds.

We went over to Grandma's on Saturday, since Uncle Lloyd had been moved to Phoenix by cousin Dale McFarland
Uncle Tamas and Aunt Kay Judson
Loyd has been though a lot. His body is weak, but his mind is strong. 

Not so highlights
Nano tripped and fell while walking last week, and Kathy spent eight hours one night at the emergency room with her (she said her head was still hurting so they did a lot of tests). All came out fine, but it ends up she has Macular Degeneration and has had it for quite a few years (the doctor that did her cataract surgery said he told her, but Kathy is mom's extra ears when she goes to a doctor appointment and he told them nothing about it). So, Nano's eyesight is getting worse. There may be a sister in her ward that runs an Assisted Living in her home. That would still have Nano in the same ward with the same bishop as she wants, and still able to get to church, so that might be our next option. Sharynn has been very helpful with this portion of helping Nano. She can do the phone work and knows so much about funding and the government. I didn't take Nano shopping this week since she went to the eye doctor with Kathy. 

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