Monday, August 15, 2011

August Birthday Celebration

Three birthdays in August: Morgan, Nano, and Grace. We were given a Honey Baked Ham Gift Card. So it seemed natural to celebrate with ham and cake!

We invited Wade and Liz Wallin...giftors of said share our meal and fun. Mom made rolls (who knew there were sooo many Lion House Roll recipes...perhaps each of Brigham Young's wives (27) had their own recipe), Nano made "Ed's Beans", Grandma made Potatoes and Cheese, and Cauliflower and Cheese Sauce, Cameo made Shells and Cheese, and Liz brought the most yummy watermelon!

Dinner was great.

Then, it was cake time. I made a pineapple sheet cake for Nano and Grace.

Note: there are not 76 candles, but the number 76 on the left side of the cake. The right side of the cake has five candles, not a number one. Come on, people, a guy can be creative in candle placement. Work with me!

Morgan had carrot cake. Costco has shrunk their carrot cake. No more sheet cake. No more sliced almonds on the sides. Morgan loved the sheet cake with the almonds on the sides. Costco now has some walnuts and crumbly stuff on the sides and top. Next year, mom will imitate the OLD Costco cake.

Morgan had "blowing issues" thus blowing out his AND Nano's candles. Fortunately, Grace was too far away to blow out hers, so Nano helped. She said she was really thankful Morgan took care of hers...asthma makes it harder for her to blow out 17 candles. Five was really more manageable for her.

We sang to all three. Morgan blew out his candles, and helped Nano...and Nano blew out candles for Grace. We didn't call her...thought she would be confused about her crazy insane Phoenix Rice relatives singing to her way before her birthday. Did want her to realize that we really ARE crazy Phoenix Rice relatives. She will come to that conclusion soon enough.

Ethan got my camera...again.

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