Monday, August 8, 2011


Fishing in Arizona is NOT an easy proposition. Fish are rare and rather particular. There have been trips that Ethan had to make a two hour round trip journey to a Payson WalMart just to purchase salmon peach crank bait. (It worked too...everyone limited out that day...and we left! kinda sad...) Anyway, Nate and Jessica bought each other new poles, and he wanted to try his out. So, we a canal, down a few miles in the middle of town.

First trip...July 11th...Nate used this ultra-stinky-wish-you-could-die smelling bait stuff...within literally a few minutes, we had two large catfish! (thank goodness!)

Home they came...and some great catfish nuggets were ingested!

Next trip: July 14th...Jessica was off work and came with us. She was wearing a pink Nike baseball cap - so. cute!- but Nate has issues with girls fishing, wearing pink hats (Cameo used to fish with the guys wearing a cute pink visor...she caught SO MANY FISH. There was even an occasion where he would only allow her to come on the boat...if she didn't bring a pole!)
Doran came with us...and even went with the successful fisherman to clean the catch

Anyway...she was the ONLY successful fisherman...caught her own big catfish.
Cell phone pics are FIRST priority... then hooks are removed!

Surprisingly, Nathan was very mature...and said nothing about the fish, or the hat...though I don't remember if she got to take it home...the hat, I mean.
Ain't this sunset awesome. We get these, every night, as we 106 degree evening heat. Pretty good payoff, I would say!

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