Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad.

My children have no grandfathers...I mean no living grandfathers. My dad died during my senior year in high school...when he was 45...a life of high blood pressure finally did him in. So, when a special day comes, I try to bring a memory. This year, my plan worked.
I used the dishes my parents got for their 1957. I used to hate these dishes. My dad picked them out...and I thought they were awful! But, as the years have passed, I realized their unique beauty...especially on this tablecloth!

I made my dad's favorite dish...I used to hate it. It was typical 50's fare that his mom used to make for him...Meatballs, mushroom soup, rice, though I used MY homemade seasoned meatballs. I did break down and use the mushroom soup, but I jazzed it up a bit. The rice I grew up with: minute rice. The rice I used: jasmine rice.

They liked it!

Happy Birthday, Dad. August 6th would have been your 79th birthday. You have 6 amazing grandchildren, and a grandson and granddaughter in law that are second to none. You have 4 great grandchildren, though I know you have given Charles a big hug for us already. They bring me happiness and joy that cannot be measured...I'm sure you have been a witness to their successes, and even their not so successes, holding them up, and loving them. Thanks for being my dad!

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