Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dove Hunt Opening Day - The Tradition Continues...

Though the number of hunters available varies, we try to celebrate Doran C. Rice's birthday by making sure to go dove hunting (only change is if it falls on Sunday...then they go the next day). This year, hunter Doran III was busy with wedding plans, Morgan was living in Odessa Texas - where, he informs us, dove hunting is NOTHING like home...much worse there, and Elder Rice is in Korea, so Dad and Ethan set out to make it a go.

Tradition: awaken early.

New tradition: low-fat whole wheat cinnamon rolls...EPIC FAIL

Ended tradition - low fat whole wheat cinnamon rolls

Hunt location: I will have to ask again...I forgot...

Here are the pics...

Beau, the chocolate lab, HATES water, so this proves it was doggone hot out there!

Dad's headless doves...Beau is a worthless hunting dog...always eating before returning the bird!

This one is for Elder Rice...note the sad faces! 

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