Sunday, September 2, 2012

Elder Rice Mail 9-2-2012

Hey family,
So the typhoon, my first typhoon, super lame! I was
excited but the
first one (Typhoon Bolaven) was really windy, so we put tape and
newspaper on our apartment window to keep it from breaking, (windows
broke in missionaries’ apartments in other cities). So we did that
and sat in the apartment and stuff. I was going
crazy. I didn’t
care. I wanted to get out side! haha but ya, in our
building, three
windows broke, but not our window so it was good. The
second typhoon(Typhoon
Tembin) was less wind, but lots of rain, but it was still really
windy. Like, my junk umbrella died, and my nice umbrella was ok haha.
(good because I paid a lot for it!) But ya lots of trees fell and all
along the road, there are broken umbrellas, (yay for the umbrella
store). But ya all is safe.

I’m glad to hear the (dove) hunt was good (without me).  I saw the
picture of Beau and thought he was actually swimming! I was impressed but
no, he was just being lazy haha. That’s Beau.

So our ward is super good! We told them about the dessert party and they
all wanna help and they are super excited. We said we have dessert sent
from America and the ward ladies said that awesome that your mom sent you
stuff, but we are your moms in Iksan, so we can help you! Ha ha. I love
this ward! I hope I stay here for longer, but I am afraid I may transfer
in a week and a half. But it’s up to the Lord right so ya.

But we have exciting news. we have a baptism planned for 
this sunday
for the man that we spent last p-day with. He is super awesome. I’m so
excited for him!  Our ward is so nice to him. Like one man in our ward
said he wants to meet him and us this week and buy us all dinner, ya
so cool. I’m excited for it. Pray for him, that it all goes through, I
really hope it does, So awesome.

Ya good week here, though. So, we watched this video that was taken at a
Zone Conference in some other mission. It was an American that talked
about Korea and all the stuff he wished he had known when he was a
missionary here. He talked, at one point, about an amazing scripture,
in 2 Kings 6: 16-17. So – background - There is a war, (I don’t have my
Bible with me, so mom has to fill in the names of the people and cities) but
Syria attacked Israel several times, and every time they lost, and
the king of Syria said, “Why can’t we win?” and the servants said because they have
Elijah and he tells them what will happen so they are prepared. So, the
king sends everything he has, at night, and they surround the city where
Elijah is. Elijah’s servant looks out and says, “What will we do? They are
way more numerous than us. We will lose.” Then, Elijah says, “They
that be with us are more than they that be with them.” Then, he
prayed that his servant’s eyes would be opened, so he could see all who
were with them. Then, the servant saw tons of angels with chariots of fire
everywhere and they blinded the bad people. I thought that was so awesome.
And I think, “Hey we are 2 nineteen year old missionaries in a city
of 300,000 people and a ward of 25 members, fighting against the adversary
and his angels. And I can’t see them, but I know that there are more on our
side! The adversary (Lucifer) only took one third of the host of heaven. We
still have two thirds, and I know there are angels standing by us,
helping us, preparing people, protecting and guiding us. I can see the
results and feel the help. And for all of us, not just missionaries.
When it seems hard, like the world is bringing us down, when we feel
we are in a losing battle and we don’t think we can do it anymore, remember
there are angels all around us, helping us, and if we just open our eyes
we can notice the help. And if we ask for help, we will get it. The
Lord didn’t send us on earth to fail. He wants us to succeed, so He gave
us everything we need to succeed.

I hope you are all doing well. Is Grace’s birthday 
September 30 or
August 30, because I need to send her a gift, but I don’t know when her
birthday is.

Well I have 6 minutes left to email. I hope you are all safe. Take care
of Jessica and fight off any boys around her, (Oh, the person that added
her on Facebook that you asked about is a less active on our ward
and I don’t know why he added her. She doesn’t need to accept but ya.)
IF you wanna send stuff in the next package more Zero bars, and I can
get peanut butter here, so send like stuff i cant get, like Gatorade
powder, and the Ghiradelli chocolate chips haha. If you want. I also
love picture and letters. and ya...

I hope all is well. I love you all. Remember I love you all.
And I’m doing good.

Love you
Love Elder Rice

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