Sunday, September 23, 2012

Monthly Snail Mail to Elder Rice

I'm not always gonna include these, but since we have been working harder than hard on the yard for the upcoming wedding, here is the part of the snail mail I send to Elder Rice...

I try to take pics at the same time, but it is getting darker and darker each month. 

The vine on to your right is a Korean melon. Elder Rice sent Dad some seeds. 

The lower courtyard, trenched for watering system, filled with granite, wedding ready!

Flower bed...I kept the dyanthus from Elder Rice alive...all Summer!

For the wedding, I trimmed and picked up, and filled in dirt and hauled buckets and buckets and wheelbarrows of granite up this hill. 

One evening, Kayty was sitting at the kitchen counter and kicked the cabinet. We could not tell if she just bruised it or there was something in there. She soaked it in Betadyn every evening. We applied mercuriclear and neosporin each day. It felt worse and worse and she could only wear slippers to work. Finally, I looked and thought she might have looked so awful. So, she soaked, and I picked...and out popped this piece of wood! 

Progress of Phoenix Temple each month. 

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