Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week of August 10 - 16, 2015


I started my Wednesday at the 6am temple session. The sun is rising later and later, now, and it was beautiful to have a barely lit sky and the illuminated spire of the temple shining. It was a small session but it was a joy to be there! Dee and I attended the 4:30 pm session that day as well. He attended the 7:30 pm session on Thursday.

I had a great visit with the sister we visit teach and my companion! So fun! When Dad and I yard sale, there us sometimes one brother that doesn't attend church that he gets to see and chat with, and we saw him on Saturday. They had a good visit while going through "man stuff" at a sale.

We had a wonderful Sacrament meeting today, with a young woman that spoke about her time in Foster care, her choice for adoption, and her conversion to the church. They just recently moved here from Ohio and it was such a very inspiring talk about adversity and challenges and how sometimes those things shape us and our futures. An old friend and now stake High Councilman, Greg Dawson, gave a very inspiring talk on the same lines, speaking about how sometimes the trials one endures help so many others show love and service. It was one of those meetings that you think about even after church is over. I also ended up substituting (aka wrestling two six year old twins) for two hours. 

I indexed some sort of lists that were the highest priority. I assume they were ship lists, but when you are just typing a page or two from a book, it is not clear where it's from. I have indexed 4466 names so far this year.

Dad is reading the entire August Ensign Magazine.

In scripture reading, I am in Third Nephi 18 in the Book of Mormon, and Dad completed the Doctrine and Covenants and is in Genesis 13 of the Old Testament.


The Wilkins Family
The Wilkins had a loooong week. Josh started feeling nauseated and began throwing up, which spread to everyone throwing up. Fortunately, it lasted only 24 hours and they were able to visit with Cameo, Kaylee and Kayty, have dinner there, and then go swimming at the hotel.

Grace sent me another wonderful email:
 Dear Grammy, I am so excited because in 16 days I will be no longer 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Instead I will be 9 eeeeeeeeeee can not wait!!! and today I get to swim with Kaylee, Katy, and cameo!!! exciting month!!! and best of all school starts i'm so excited eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! it has rained today and all day yesterday. two days ago I was sick we all were except mom and dad. we all stayed up all night watching Jessie a T.V. show on netflix i'm feeling way way way way way way better. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
cant wait I made a chain 2 of them 1 for my b-day and 1 for when school starts. 10 days till school. I got my splint off!!! its hurts to bend though.

Here are some pics of cousin time
Piling on Uncle Ethan

The Ethan Rice Family
Some more pictures from last week that came after the blog was published. They found an awesome deal on Craigslist and now have a tent trailer! Ethan has had to do some fix ups on it, but it will be awesome for them to use!!!

Dad went over to their house on Monday to do some welding. Kaylee wanted to know what he was doing, and thought he should be spending time playing with her! Kayty, Cam and Kaylee headed to Vegas on Thursday. Their trip there was uneventful and safe, and their hotel room was CRAZY!

Due to the Wilkins' Stomach bug, the opted to stay away Thursday, so they went to the Bellagio
And to Circus Circus. Friday they had breakfast, and then went to the Adventuredome.
Dinner was at the Wilkins house. Ethan came over on Friday night to pick up cat food and he headed to Vegas Saturday morning.Saturday was spent swimming and having a good Wilkins visit on Saturday night, complete with Uncle Ethan!

They stopped in on their way home. They "shopped" for some camp cookware, Kaylee had a chicken pot pie, and she played for a bit before they headed home.

The Doran Rice Family
Doran, Amber and family had a typical, and thankfully, uneventful week. Work. School. Care for pets. Sleep

Morgan was supposed to come over Tuesday to help trim the palm tree and cut down trees but he didn't come.

Kayty worked the first part of the week, and then lived it up in Vegas the rest of the week.On Thursday night, they went to the Bellagio

 and Circus Circus, where Kayty was introduced for the first time to the Adventuredome! Friday included all day ride passes

She came in on Sunday, changed clothes and went to her ward at church. We enjoyed seeing her before she headed off to our room to enjoy the Teen Choice Awards.

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan and Jess continue to look for Lilly. Nate came by Monday for a lot of truck work, since he wasn't scheduled at his regular job. He received a call from boss's boss that they should have had him work, and he interviewed for a full time position on Tuesday (when he also found out he was promoted to assistant driver!) He worked on both his truck (he is creating his own shifter, which, by Saturday afternoon, looked pretty doggone awesome!, dad's truck, and other projects.  Nate and Jess also attended a baby class. It ended up being longer than scheduled and they left early. There is only so much time a pregnant lady can sit!Great news came on Friday: Nate was hired to the full time position at Lowes! He will work Monday through Friday and also be an assistant driver.

Dad's work week started with many, many meetings. He does new assignments. He continues attending meetings on other unresolved assignments. He was much busier this week. When he doesn't have work to do, he has been taking courses to renew his PMP certification, and he has really enjoyed those, surprisingly.

I decided to refer to my work as Work for pay when I have Kaylee here, and Work for no pay on my weeks without her, since referring to it as a "week off" is terribly wrong! I started my raking duties Monday after brushing the pool, and after two hours and two huge contractor bags filled and hauled to the trash pile. Two huge bags filled to the brim with mesquite beans, and that was only from the lower courtyard! Since this is MY last week to get stuff out to the quarterly trash pickup pile, I determined that Wednesday would be temple day, and I would attend both an early morning and an evening session. That gave me four mornings of early and 'cooler' yard work. Tuesday, I got a huge bag of mesquite beans and pine needles, and Thursday I raked a huge area in the western front yard (under the largest mesquite tree) and got many of those beans. I also hauled some boxes out. On Friday, I attempted to insulate my hut more, but doggone it, after the first piece of styrofoam was measured and cut, I could not for the life of me find the tape measure again. I had already made trip after trip out, and I was just NOT going to walk back again, so I locked it up for another day. I did get a pile of trash hauled out...and a scraped elbow from hauling that trash through the gate. Pool was also brushed Thursday and Saturday, and I had another bag and  two wheelbarrows full of stuff for the pile.

Dad's Truck
Much sawing, milling, drilling, cutting and welding was done this week to prepare the new cross member support.

Dad's Garden
Dad worked on tearing out part of the old garden. I hauled off the old plastic, etc. He accidentally overwatered the grapevines. They loved it. Our water bill did NOT love it! He also ordered his pepper seeds.

Christmas in July August
I continue to read every night, though I have been stuck on the same story, since I keep falling asleep. I finished my ornaments!!! Hooray.They are all drilled, strung, and some already have names on them.I continue to work on stocking stuffers for adults. Any suggestions...especially for the men...are GREATLY Appreciated!!

Other highlights
I baked a sample batch of cupcakes for Nano's party. I used a different mix, etc. and I wanted to verify it would work, and how many it would make.

I picked up Nano on Tuesday morning and we shopped for her party at the Shamrock Food Warehouse. I was ready to head out, and I looked in the eastern sky...and there was a dust storm 10 am! Craziness! I ended up shopping on the way home, at Dollar Tree, getting more chilis to roast at Food City, and a quick stop at Smart and Final. We, of course, got little rain, and I was not too happy to drive in and see my needle free front yard FULL of more pine  needles. Grrr. But cooler weather was nice.

I cooked a pork roast (a Nano party test) and added green chilis after it was shredded. It was awesome!

Dave Ross, our excellent piano tuner, made his annual visit on Wednesday. The best part of the tuning is when he sits and just plays...He says he likes the sound of our piano, so we got a full five or ten minutes of piano music from all genres.

My potty tent came in, so we went to pick it up!
Notice on the's "spacious"!

We purchased Hatch chilis on Tuesday, and then went and got 12 pounds more on Thursday.

I found my heaven (well, besides my grandchildren). I went to Michaels on Thursday. I walked in, looked to the west side of the store, and saw golds and greens and browns and favorite colors...Fall...Halloween. I literally could have just stayed there forever! It was 114 outside, but there it was heavenly and beautiful and cool. love. it!!!

I signed up for a DIY study of a glue product. I had to test on something, answer survey questions, upload my photos, and I get some sort of gift card. The hardest part of the whole process is finding a FedEx office to send the unused product back

The nursery cabinet in our church nursery had a door that would never lock. It was always a distraction for the kids when playtime was over. AND, we noticed last week that everyone who uses our building uses THAT cabinet, whether from Flagstaff or Buckeye. So Dee got a new lock and installed it. (While we were there installing, someone from another area was setting up for their tomorrow wedding reception. Our building is used A LOT!) I know the nursery leaders with LOVE him for it!

I finished Styrofoam insulating the ceiling of my hut on Saturday morning. I woke up at 4 am and it was 92 degrees, but somehow as long as it is before sunrise, it doesn't seem that hot.

We had a another Saturday of pretty doggone good yard sales. We hit the jackpot at a moving sale, and I got some glass plates (I am going to glue them in tiers for a cupcake display for Nano's birthday party, a life vest in pretty good shape, and a pretty good haul of needed odds and ends. Our spending for the day was less than seven dollars.

Saturday evening, we got a second wind of sorts, when the sun was not bright in the sky (though it was still over 104 degrees) and dad trimmed the palm tree and a mesquite tree, and I hauled load after load of fronds and branches out to the pile in the front yard. That was the last goal I had set for myself on my list of "Week Off Goals". Score!

Not so highlights
It has been a scorcher of an end of the week. When I look on my temperature gauge, and it's already 105 at 11 am, it doesn't bode well. The highest ever temperature for our readings has been 111.

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