Sunday, August 9, 2015

Week of August 3 - 9, 2015


Tuesday hit 111 degrees (107 here), and that meant it was too uncomfortable to work after work, so Dad went to the temple on Tuesday for the 4:30 pm session. On Wednesday, Dad was blessed to be able to attend the temple with Nathan and Jessica as Jessica's Brother, Josh and his wife, Cynthia, received their endowments. The will be sealed when they have been married a year. It was a very joyous night for all!!

I participated in the Worldwide Indexing Event, which lasts a week, and is MUCH easier than last year! I indexed New York ship lists with many Polish names...lots of z's and s's. I had such a hard time, at first, determining whether the names all began with a P or a T. All are someone's handwriting. I began using the T, but decided halfway through it didn't make sense, so I edited all I had done, changing T to P, but it came out well. I achieved my second yearly goal of indexing 4000 records, and set a new one for 6000 by year's end. So far, I have indexed 4068 names.

In scripture reading, I am in Helaman chapter 9 in the Book of Mormon, and Dad is in the 107th section of the Doctrine and Covenants. He also reads a little in the Book of Mormon every day, as our bishop has counseled the ward members to do: read in the Book of Mormon every single day.


The Wilkins Family
Dad spent a great Tuesday talking to Grace about a great movie she had seen, and about the things she is cooking and doing. They helped take care of a neighbor's pets while Adam went to Scout Camp with Mike,

The Ethan Rice Family
Monday was swimming lessons for Kaylee. I get her there, and Daddy meets us and takes over in class. She is a hoot! She does great...though she is not confident enough to jump in the pool yet.
They headed up on the Mogollon Rim on Saturday morning for another camping weekend.

Kaylee's first fish!!!

The final fish count for the day: Ethan - 1, Cameo -0 (she was busy helping Kaylee) and Kaylee - 5!!!
And from the looks of the pictures, school has started or will start tomorrow, and the lake is empty of fishermen!!!

The Doran Rice Family
Kelsie had a good week at school, and then got to spend some special time with her Grammy (for Kelsie, I am Grammy Suzzy. Her Grammy is her daddy's mom) and family to celebrate what would have been her daddy's birthday.  While Kelsie was away, Doran and Amber went with Kooper to a Rattlers' Arena Football game.

Morgan - Happy 29th Birthday on the 8th! Morgan came over for a quick dinner of Chicken Naisaiphun...his favorite meal...and Dad's version was the best he has ever made!

Appetizer: Dad's most awesome french fries! I am sorry I didn't get a pic of the meal but it was great!
 We enjoyed some time together, but he had to head out to help his friend, Kyle, repair the brakes in the car. Nate stopped by with a gift but Morgan wasn't here. We hope to see him next week. Morgan's doing well. A temporary Craigslist job turned into a moving company job for Morgan and Kyle. Morgan is working to clear up his driving record, pay old fines, and get his license soon.

Kayty had Monday and Tuesday off work, so she continued her rare Disney movie marathon. She also shared some crazy cupcakes with bright blue frosting with Kaylee

She had a dental appointment Wednesday where they performed a build up on her tooth that had a root canal before her San Diego/Vegas adventures. On to the next root canal and build up. She went out Friday night bowling with her best bud from high school, Stefanie.

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan's week started out great. He was able to work on his truck, work full time at work, and then escort Jessica's brother, Josh, at the Phoenix Temple, where he and his wife, Cynthia, received their endowment. It was a wonderful night. He was so tired and fell asleep. Lilly woke him at around 2 am to go outdoors, and Nate was going to let her right back in, but he fell asleep. Jessica woke him up, and Lilly was gone. They searched for two hours in the middle of the night for her. They have spent the last few days searching, putting up posters and signs, and trying to find her. So very sad!
Work for Dad was downright crazy again! He met with Boss B, who seemed to have no clue what they should do. The project he was recently assigned, which he was on a team and had to make extensive explanations to a female counterpart who had no clue about machining, or anything for that matter, well that individual knows little, except for how to take credit for everything Dad did and lead and informed as her own idea. Dad has got to watch his back now! Grrr. Other than that, he waits for someone to determine what to do, and attends meeting after meeting. He even asked Boss A to request for him to return to his old job, but the last time Boss A did that, he got chewed out. On Wednesday, he was informed that Boss A is no longer his boss, but Boss A's boss is. This is life: one day of craziness after the other! He did attend quite a few meetings on Thursday and Friday and made much progress.

Kaylee and I completed our ocean week.
We did hermit crab activities
We read "A House for Hermit Crab" by Eric Carle and had fun activities to go along with it.

Jellyfish activities

Seashore activities
We glitter painted sea shells and did a shape gluing activity with things on the beach.

Octopus activities
A paper plate octopus with colored pasta legs

and Whale/Dolphin activities
She really likes to paint! We also read a wonderful book "If You Want To See A Whale".

We swam...we played with toys...we ate blueberries...we cut with scissors...went to storytime at the library...let Kayty paint our finger and toe nails, and then want the fingernail polish removed immediately!

Dad's Truck
He now has a plan and will not have to remove the engine. He worked hard measuring and designing a new cross member to support the engine, and with that, he should not have to redrill anything. He can also install the new cam without having to remove the engine. It is hot out, so he waits till it is cooler in the evening. Cooler is a relative term. He has been preparing things to get welded. He will go to Ethan's next Monday night to weld an interior side panel, and his friend, Joe Terrell, will weld the new cross member piece.

This all has been quite a lesson. There was a big setback: the new cam! Dad wanted to just give up. He was going to take a break. During that time, he thought...and thought. Ideas came to mind. A new cross member. A different way to do things. Now, with this work, which was discouraging at first, and hard to choose to do, and also cost a bit more money, he will have a better supported engine, a better oil pan situation, and he can sell parts he didn't use afterwards to make some of the money back. Heavenly Father is there to help us in ALL things! All things are important. We can either get mad and quit, or we can let ourselves be guided to solutions, and we have to be willing to do things that we might have thought we didn't want to do, but in the end, are a better solution!

Dad's Garden
Slow...slow...slow. August heat is not sweltering (though it did get to 110 last week) but the nights are warm and the sun is bright. Everything is showing the stress of the heat. He just is working to get all to hang on a bit longer till the cooler weather, or at least cooler evenings, come.

Christmas in August (Yep...I am keeping it going this month too)
I read my Christmas Story book nearly every night. There is such a great variety of stories, from church leaders to classic stories. I am really enjoying it. Christmas music accompanied my work on Saturday. It's always helpful to clean and rearrange a pantry while sweating to the music of snow and winter and cold.

Other highlights
On Wednesday early morning, I was walking back from the trash can...and I saw Orion! I love that belt!!! That is my first sign of hope for Fall and cooler weather.

Dad is getting green chilis, a bag at a time, and roasting them, and then we freeze in four chili bundles (bags) for use throughout the year.

I got more styrofoam from Nathan glued to the ceiling of my hut. It is a slow process but I am hanging in there.

Dad had some reloaders set up in his office. When he is listening to a meeting, it is something to do to stay awake. He spent time this week getting more organized and getting all his reloaders attached to this cabinet. He is trying to sell those large disc jockey speakers in there, and later, when they are gone, he will move my old woodcutting bench from the garage to here and replace them onto that, but for now, this is very usable and compact.

We cleaned the church on Saturday. Now, this would be a challenge for two families as it is. There is lots to do! Add to the fact that our building is used extensively by people attending the temple and you have more challenges trying to clean. A group was in the cultural hall and kitchen having a luncheon. A group had the nursery with someone caring for all the little children while someone from Flagstaff was being sealed. It took forever for Dee and I to get the bathrooms scrubbed clean and mopped. Then there was a group watching kids in the Young Women's rooms and another was coming in. Needless to say, there was the nursery and its bathroom, and some other locations that could not be cleaned up.

We went to a great yard sale on Saturday and scored some very reasonable and helpful items.

I worked and worked and got Kaylee's activities prepared and planned for through early September. Mom's birthday party is going to keep me sidetracked on that week off from Kaylee, so I am getting all the work I can get done ahead of time.

To complete a goal I have for the week, I got my wheat grinder and two mixers moved from the counter to the pantry shelf. The clutter is gone and it looks amazing!

With moving things into the pantry, I had to reorganize much in there. It was a lot of work but so worth it!!

I also started a huge bag of mesquite bean picking up. It was getting dark, so I just swept the ones on the patio in the lower courtyard and bagged what I could. Early Monday after exercising, I will rake and bag. That tree looks, hopefully, to be nearly done creating those doggone beans.

Not so highlights
Our biggest not so highlight has been the lack of rain. East Phoenix gets rain. West Phoenix gets rain. South Phoenix gets rain. North of us gets rain. You hear thunder and see lightning, but nothing has fallen here since a hurricane sent rain in early June (other than just a few isolated drops) . Our trees, especially that pine tree in the front yard, are suffering. We water them by hand or drip system, but there is something about rain...

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