Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week of August 17 - 23, 2015


Dad and I spent our late afternoon Thursday at the temple performing sealing ordinances for family members. In the late afternoon, the sunlight streams through the art glass windows and literally illuminates the sealing altar. It is breathtaking!

Sunday morning, I received a call from a friend and primary teacher that I had helped in the past, and did so last week. Her husband had spent the week in the hospital with a blood clot and, though home, she didn't want to leave him alone for hours, so she needed my help teaching her primary class. She brought a prepared lesson over and I just had to study. It came out pretty well, for only having a little study time. She was all prepped with everything!

Ward choir also restarted today. It was fun to be singing again, and our choir director's little nearly three month old baby girl was wonderful to have there too. We have a visiting General Authority coming in October, so I think I might be in the stake choir so as to get a good seat. Messiah Choir will be starting in October, and I need to decide whether to make that weekly commitment. Every Sunday practices are difficult, plus the dress rehearsals and performances are challenging, plus the hardest thing is staying healthy! I am in the thinking mode now...

I did some indexing with a new program they are testing that makes it easier to index on ipads, etc. It was different, but I liked it. I also did my regular indexing. I am up to 4607 records indexed this year.

In Scripture study, I am in Mormon 4  in the Book of Mormon. I also began reading the September Ensign Magazine. Dad has a hard time getting to sleep at night (I have become an early bird and he is a night owl.) so he reads A LOT! In the Book of Mormon, he is in 2 Nephi 7. In the Bible, he is in Exodus 12 . He is also reading The Third Thousand Years by Cleon Skousen and Josephus.


The Wilkins Family
School preparations continue.
Adam got to go bowling with some friends. Here are his scores

Gracie got to have some fun with her bestie, Katelyn

Sammy got his first pair of shoes! Allison said that he liked them for about two and a half seconds, and then felt they were torture! Poor Sam!

The Ethan Rice Family
Cameo shared a few more pics from their Vegas adventures last week after I published, so here they are:
 At the Bellagio Conservatory

 With the mermaid with the flowers on her tail that she talked about all week

And at the Adventuredome

And at the Wilkins

 Kaylee meets "Toodles"

And with Daddy along for the visits
Eating her favorite chicken noodle soup.

A princess in front of a castle

Kaylee had a great swimming lesson with Daddy on Monday! It was almost a private lesson! (one child and dad came late. Dad called them for help later with his computer, so they left from the aquarium store they were at to come help.

After a Summer with absolutely no time off for any reason, Ethan's boss has been giving vacation time, and he used Wednesday for eye appointments, getting two root canals,  and preparing for a Thursday thru Sunday camping trip to Big Lake.
A late...or early Christmas gift

They had a great Camping...
Awesome camp site! Potties are near...but not too near!

and fishing trip! Grampy Wade caught 10, Ethan caught 10, Cameo caught 8 and Kaylee caught 3 before some nasty fish stole her pole!

At Reservation Lake

Headed home...

The Doran Rice Family
Another busy week with school, work, and pets for these busy folks. Kooper was keeping things in line on his own. (Mind you, this is NOT a gun! For Kooper, anything from an SD card reader to a stick is a gun!)

No news from Morgan this week

Kayty was off on Monday, and did some wall re arranging.

She went to Bachelor. I was in bed when she got home, and when I checked her at 1:30 am, she thought she had the barf bug. I checked her often the rest of the night, and got essential oils (germ fighter) going, scrubbed the bathroom and degermed all I could. She slept Tuesday till she had to leave for work at noon.Work the rest of the week was good.

The Nathan Rice Family

Nate's visit last Sunday night:

Nate and Jessica visited Monday after Nathan had worked many hours machining his shifter. His boss had said that Nate wasn't needed for work on Tuesday. He ended up staying up till nearly 1am, and then got a text before 4 am that he was needed at work. He was totally exhausted. He and Dad had tickets to see Ben Carson and hear him speak, but between Nate's exhaustion, and Dad's bad work news, they both decided not to attend. Nate spent hours on Wednesday afternoon and completed his shifter assembly. He has spent hours and hours machining, and he did an exceptional job, both machining, and then cleaning up on Thursday. He is still adjusting things, but the shifter works!

Dad's week was "interesting". Monday, he had an appointment to exchange his work computer for a newer one (leases on computers run three years and when they are up, they have to turn in the old one) which is always a terrible process. He made two trips to Deer Valley, waited for the man who called him back over there for nearly an hour, and ended up with no programs, and Ethan had to come over to sign on to our home internet, and the wireless doesn't work with this computer either. Then, he took a holiday on Tuesday (he is required to use up days) and then was called into an emergency meeting where all were informed that there is a large layoff coming up at the end of September. All can talk to HR about early retirement packages, etc. Oh, the fun of Honeywell!! Things are still in the crazy stage, and Boss A told him it would mainly be upper management positions. Right now, there are more supervisors than needed, so we shall see. He did ask for some possible suppliers to be assigned to him, since the Boss B position has only three people left doing that work - of which there is little to do.

He did complete all his classes for his PMP Project Management re certification this week! Hurray!

Kaylee learned about pets this week.
 We talked about the letter P

Did dog puzzles and dog activities

Made a felt cat on the flannel board and made a mask

Dad's Truck
Dad spent hours on Monday and all day Tuesday machining, cutting and readying that cross member. It has been quite a big job, especially in the heat. This week was not as molten as last week, and he made quite a bit of progress. He is readying and pre fitting all to then take to his friend, Joe, who will weld it up.

Last step was a fixture of wood to hold all in place. Joe is away for the week now, so he will wait till he returns and then take it to weld.

Dad's Garden
Dad started seeds of Ghost Pepper and Carolina Reaper peppers. These are supposed to be legit, and he had to promise that he would not sell the seeds he gets from the plants to anyone. Boy, ultimate hot pepper seeds are more clandestine than drugs! Sheesh!

Other Highlights
I felt much better by Thursday evening and did lots of work early Friday, trimming some errant mesquite trees that had popped up near the chicken coop, and hauling out some old stuff to the pile. It was a blessing, too, because the city of Phoenix picked up our pile later that morning...days early!

Dorrie and I made our annual trek to Millie's Hallmark in Awatukee on Saturday.We decided to  arrive a few minutes early to try to get some of the deals. When we arrived, no one was in line.

Odd, we thought. Dorrie started looking through the windows, and noticed the Christmas trees yet undecorated. She asked...and we were a week early! Since neither of us could come next week, we decided to just enjoy looking. We usually don't purchase anything anyway. We had a good time and could leisurely walk the store without the bother of crowds.
This one reminded me of Kayty's High School Mascot:  A Lawn Gnome!
They have a corner darkened and the Halloween Village is displayed, complete with thunder, lightning, black lights, and spooky sounds.
They have a wall of villages. North Pole is the first, then Dickens.
We had lunch at SouperSalad on the way home. It was a good day, and better that we spent nothing on village pieces!

When I got home, Dee had been busy. At yard sales earlier, we found a curio cabinet for $40 that was perfect for his rock collection. We moved furniture, re arranged, and he spent the time I was gone filling it...

He also started "2016: The Year of the House" early. My kitchen cabinet over the refrigerator was so low that it only allowed for a very few refrigerators. They always end up being too small for our needs (we need one that holds LOTS of vegetables and LOTS of sauces, cuz Rice Men LOVE their sauces! Just ask my daughers in law!) Anyway, I was willing to let it go till next year, but Nate gets a bit of a discount at Lowes and so we thought we should take advantage of that opportunity. Dad did this while I was gone:

We purchased some oak for the bottom and for the side, and Dad will move some matching molding from the laundry room (we will replace that with other molding) to finish the corners, etc. It was awesome to go to Lowes and look at EVERY refrigerator as being acceptable! (However, I am not a fancy fridge kinda girl: no ice maker or water in door, etc. Ice maker: yes, but our hard water makes it look a mess!)

Not so highlights
Feeling puny on your first day off without a list of things in months is not always fun, but I did get to watch Property Brothers on Netflix and that was awesome. Stomach bug was not so fun!

Dad had listed his speakers (those huge Altecs) on Craigslist. Some guy wanted to see them, but they were not perfect enough for his money. So, Dad is going to sand, restain, put new cloth on and fix, and then ask 500 to 1000 dollars more for them. Ha!

As of this post, no rain! We have only had pittances of showers for these monsoon months, but NOTHING measurable! This is the first monsoon cloud that gives a potential storm to us...

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