Sunday, August 2, 2015

Week of July 27 through August 2, 2015


I started Tuesday serving at the temple. You know, I had read a story from a friend that a group of people marched in Salt Lake City on Sunday, went to the LDS Church Office Building, and handed in their resignations. They no longer want to be members of the LDS Church. Now, that doesn't mean we stop being a friend, or loving or caring, simply because of another persons choices. They do have agency to make that choice. And while I did not know any of them, I did feel sad. I don't understand, but I respect their decision. When I walked onto the temple grounds today, before 7 am, there was a group of young women outside on a bench, waiting for others in their group to arrive to serve in the baptistry. There were two brothers greeting me at the desk, one that used to be in my ward, and verified my Temple Recommend and I entered. Two other smiling faces, friends in another ward, greeted me with hugs. I was surprised that so many people seemed to be coming, and getting dressed. It usually not that terribly busy at the first session of the day. I couldn't even get to my usual locker...all filled up! My session included over thirty women, and nearly 30 men, serving by performing ordinances that give ancestors the opportunity to make a choice to accept those ordinances. That added up to nearly 60 people. I saw another friend in another ward as I went to get dressed again, and I saw the area where other ordinances are performed with sisters waiting their turn, meaning there were others already performing ordinances. I walked out, and there was yet another group of happy youth arriving to do temple work. I heard later from someone who serves as a temple worker that during Tuesday evening, they had the most patrons in two areas of the temple, and that so many youth were in the baptistry, his one hour service there stretched to three hours! That temple was full of people who chose to spend their day... at the temple. It just made me so thankful that I am able to be one of the more than 100 temple goers that day! I also started my day in the early morning session at the temple Wednesday. Not as many people, but a wonderful session.

Dad's hometeaching companion could not go with him (again!) so I went and visited the Barton Family with him. I mailed my visiting teaching sisters a card with a note this month. Between camping and my tooth, I had no time. Our home teachers came by Thursday night for a good visit.

We were blessed to help with another wonderful eight year old baptism on Saturday. Four beautiful and very excited children made their first covenants with their Heavenly Father. It is so special to be with them, and to see the joy in their eyes, and in the eyes of their families!

We had another wonderful and uplifting Fast and Testimony meeting on Sunday, full of inspiring testimonies of the Savior and His love for each of us. Afterwards,I substituted for the Primary Chorister. It was a lot of fun serving there!

In scripture study, I am currently in Alma  51  and Dad is reading in Section 45 of the Doctrine and Covenants. I read the entire August Ensign magazine this week. I am trying to follow the prophet and be a light.

I indexed ships records and freedman records. So far this year, I have indexed 3843 records.


The Wilkins Family
The Wilkins had a good week, though their van is giving them fits again. Gracie wrote me late Thursday that Daddy had trouble with it that day:
Dear Grammy, my mom said it was national cheesecake day too. Our car broke down when my dad was coming home . he called and the tow truck he came to the wrong place so he called again and waited another hour, then they came and jumped him, then he drove a mile before it died again. there was no cell service so he walked three miles home he got home at 2:00 and called the tow truck again when they went someone had been sleeping in our van!!!! and they towed it home. it is kind of creepy that someone had been sleeping in our van. anyway i love you and papa. your the best grandparents a granddaughter could ask for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                much love a gracie hug to you,
                                                                                        Grace Wilkins
And then on Friday
Dear Grammy, a family in our ward is going on vacation. people stole stuff before so they left Adam in charge. on the last day Adam is going to scout camp so I get to do it that day maybe. whenever Sam sees a bug he GOES TOTALLY BALLASTIC!!!
funny and he tries to stomp on them mostly ants!!! yesterday Sam was playing with cicada shells and he was pretty cool he was picking them up and saying mam mam mam mam he calls me mam and mom mam its so cute. one day when Katelyn was here he was a little scared so he walked right up and hugged my left leg it was so DARLING we all said awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. you would of said that to. we are making a candy bar poster for Adam and dad . Adam is going down to the house hes looking after.

                                                much love a gracie hug still,
                                                                    Grace Wilkins
 Dad had a fun phone call with Gracie on Saturday night. She said Daddy fixed the van, but they needed to locate the keys. Oh, the joys of having toddlers!

The Ethan Rice Family
At work, Cameo had Spirit Week. Monday was crazy hair day...

Tuesday was Crazy Sock Day

Wednesday was Crazy Mismatched Day

Kaylee really doesn't seem too sure about Mommy's attire. 

Thursday was Retro Day

And Friday was Zombie Day

Quite a week! I am not sure what Kaylee thought of all of it

Kaylee did have a good time jumping on Friday evening...

The Doran Rice Family
Kelsie had a busy few days before school began...

Taking pics of her brother...

Thursday was Kelsie's first day of third grade!

 Morgan - We texted him once with news from some mail he received. No other news about him.

Kayty spent Monday watching movies and getting her goody bags ready for the Season Finale of Bachelorette. She came home happy!

Lots of work filled her time this week. She had to work Sunday for the first time in quite awhile.

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan came over after work on Monday and did some machining on parts for his truck. One of his co-workers was fired, so Nathan can apply for that full time position! It is rare to have a Monday through Friday job at any home improvement store, so this is a choice opportunity. He came over a few days after work, to work on his steering, to work on loading bullets, etc. while Jessica, her mom and cousins had a few Girls Getaway Days in Young

Dad attended meetings, completed required online training, and waited for further information on Monday.There were long online meetings on Tuesday, but it seems they just talk and talk, and are not sure what they are doing, and when Dad tries to share some machinist reality, they are not clear on what he is even speaking of.He did receive a thank you recognition, worth $100, from upper management. He spent a lot of time on Friday in meetings and updating his Project Manager PMP certification.

Dad's Truck
Dad ordered his new cam and parts. He worked on cleaning up and preparing the metal piece that goes on the truck floor around the shifter. There are also metal panel pieces that he was cleaning up, repairing, and getting ready to install. While looking for a missing part to Nate's steering, he found the oil pan he needed for his truck. Apparently, there are different kinds and some have a more storage in the front and some have more in the rear. Due to clearance issues, he needs the front one. He looked...and saw he would have to pull the whole engine out, and redrill more holes in the motor mount. He was so discouraged!!! I told him to take August off...the whole month. He really needs a break from this truck. It's hot and frustrating work!

Dad's Garden
Peppers and Powder. We are just trying to keep the trees alive and happy. About this point in the Summer, they begin to look taxed a bit. The heat just starts making them tired. I don't blame makes me tired and I am indoors. We did take advantage of the cooler weather from our non rain storm and he took down all the bird netting and shade coverings, and we wrapped them up and he put them in the shed for next year. It was much nicer to do it in the cool, and it had to be done!

Christmas In July
I got a small table out of the garage and set up production in my sewing room. Ornaments are under way. These are, again, not complicated ones. I just couldn't find a pattern for an ornament that was the reptile I wanted to portray. I think my final ornament total for this year will be 50...I had tons of extras last year! I enjoyed scrubbing the bathroom grout to Christmas music. It sure makes 105 degrees feel cooler!

Other highlights
I got more of the grout in the kid's bathroom cleaned up. Spent Monday grout cleaning in front of the tub near the towel rack, Tuesday behind the toilet (very challenging!), Wednesday in front of the tub, (ran out of baking soda so a Costco trip is needed), and finished a large scrub area on Friday. Two rinses and then sealing! And done!

I decided to try and bag up at least one trash bag (mind you, these are the HUGE Contractor trash bags, not some wimpy kitchen bag) of mesquite beans each day this week and put them out in our quarterly trash pick up pile, and I accomplished that on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Nate gave us some styrofoam sheets left over from refrigerator deliveries, so we are applying that to the ceiling of my hut for added insulation.

My dental appointment resulted in a tooth pull...not a surprise. The partial cost a total of $675.00. The implant would have been over $4000. I think I did good. AND I got a treat afterwards...

Nate was off work, with nothing to do, and Dad was finished for the day, so they spent a rather cloudy but rainless Wednesday late afternoon out target shooting, testing out some new bullet loads. Dad said it was great!

Wednesday was also National Lasagna Day (I had no idea!) so I made two lasagnas (not huge ones): one elk meat and habanero powder, and one with just cheese. The sauce came out amazing and I really could have put a boot between the noodles and cheese and it would have been a hit. Nate was here and enjoyed some too.

Thursday, our old and dear friend, John Scott, came by for a visit. He still is doing so well and is the happiest person I have ever known. He loves his grandkids and kids to death!!!

He and Dad sat and talked...Pinewood Derby Cars! I watched them, and it took me back over 24 years ago, to when he and Dad were talking about Ethan's first car. Amazing!
Later, I took the fabric I got at SAS earlier in the week and finally recovered the bar stools in my kitchen (Dad was an absolutely awesome help. He ran the stapler and made my job so easy!!) The fabric on there before had become SO dirty!! Total cost: $1.12 and a few staples!

I had a great hike on Friday. It was amazing, because I started with a nearly dark sky and a beautiful moon in the western sky, and as the morning progressed, the sun began to rise in the eastern sky. I could look back and forth and just enjoy the beauty!!! Amazing! Heavenly Father created a beautiful world!!

On Saturday, Dad roasted some green chilis in the morning...our supply was nearly gone!

we had fun swimming and having cobbler (for those who didn't get some on the campout).

Not So Highlights
 Rain...or rather, no rain! Phoenix is flooding away. We get nothing but a few sprinkles. I sure wish we would get ONE monsoon rain this Summer!

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