Friday, August 10, 2012

Brigham Comes To Visit

We had the opportunity to have our nephew, Brigham, come for a visit. Dee had lots of things planned...and the weather did it's best to in 116 degree days and 97 degree nights. Even with having to work on his vacation days...and even take a quick trip to Ontario, California to solve a problem, we had a great time. pizza and swimming night...
Good pic of Brigham...not so good pic of Kayty...

Ethan was having a great time the whole night with the bunny ears!

Ethan's molar pizza...Dr. Johnson would be so proud!

Even our chickens had some...  

We all went swimming, and then Cameo made her wonderful No-bake Cookies

I think this was Amber's first time to taste Cam's cookies...and she thought they were great!

Rice Rule # 74: You must leave SOME cookies in the no-bake cookie prep pan so Dad Rice can scoop the remains. 

During the week, Brigham and Dad were able to do many things
Brigham learned to play Cribbage...and he's pretty darned good at it!

Brigham swam...a lot...

Dad had gotten some rocket kits at a yard sale, so Brigham was able to build his own. 

He sawed and polished rock

He milled holes in the rock

The finished rocket after painting and decor

First flight

Another rocket

Milling out a box from olive wood. He made the box the perfect size to hold the stone dice he made and polished. 

He helped smoke a pork shoulder roast...12 hours...and two chickens.

Painting the dots on his dice

He even celebrated National Root Beer Float Day on August 6th with us! He makes a great float!

Thank you Rollin and Sharynn, for sharing your wonderful son with us. Thank you Trina and Aprilynne for helping get him to us and back home. 

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