Saturday, June 15, 2013

Flagstaff Trip

We took another trip to Flagstaff today. Flagstaff is about 2 hours from our house. You can leave our home, drive through beautiful pine trees and aspen...and cool weather. My hubby is accumulating buckets of different mineral soils to enhance our dirt. Yep, we are the freaks standing by the road shoveling crushed black lava rock into WalMart and Lowe's buckets. Crazy. We stopped and took a little hike...the elevation is over 8500 it was cool with a wonderful breeze! Everything was green and gorgeous. Stunning mountains...forests...ferns...and the last of wild iris all around. I am NOT a fan of snow...and that is what Flagstaff is, when I am not there...but today, I almost wanted to move there. We even stopped in Flagstaff on the way back for a Chinese buffet lunch...and as we walked out the door...IT WAS RAINING! Yep, I was the crazy lady in the pink shirt standing in the rain! Came home to the heat...but it was a nice break. And now that the sun is lower in the sky, I am off to chop and stack more firewood.

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