Saturday, June 22, 2013


I mentioned earlier Grammy's Grape Gazebo. Though the Grammy intentions have yet to come to pass, i.e. no granddaughter tea parties, the grape part has been doing well. The vines are growing along the wires that Doran and Nate helped Dad install (and when they weren't here, I held the pliers and hid my head while being showered with welding!), and we have cover in a few spots. We also installed the top part of those cheap dollar solar lights over the table...not exactly a bright light, but it is illuminated now. Since today was Elder Rice's 16 month mission anniversary and since I always go to the same spots around the yard to send him snail mail pics of this, I took an extra few of the grapes...

These are not part of the grape gazebo, but grown by the chicken pen. I am seeing lots...and lots...and lots of raisins.

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