Friday, June 7, 2013

Not "Thelma and Louise" But Still Mayem in Vegas A La Kayty and Jessica

 (This is being written as Kayty and Jessica travel back from their Vacation in Vegas. I don't know too many details, yet...and perhaps, I do not want to! This is what I snuck from her Facebook posts)

Kayty and Jessica (Elder Rice's sweetheart best friend) went to Vegas. Kayty needed a fresh outlook, and this was Jessica's last fling before she starts a new job at Desert Schools Credit Union. Kayty said they would visit Allison, go on some rides on the Stratosphere Hotel, and have some fun. Morgan stopped by and told me about the bungee jumping and how they don't adjust for I looked on the internet about the fees and thought SURE Kayty could not afford the bungee I was safe. Then, she asked if she could use the birthday money I had saved for her for 'something'. I agreed, as long as it was not a bungee jump. She hemmed...she hawed...and then said she might have done it already. Ugh. That girl!!! I went to a meeting, satisfied that she lived through the jump. Then, I saw the pics the next day...the pics were in the dark...AFTER I had talked to her! sneaky!!! Here are her pics...
First, Papa made this Lemonade Stand for Adam , Grace and Josh. They are doing some service fund raising this Summer and donating the money they earn to children's cancer. Papa made this from scrap wood and made it to be taken all apart so it could fit in Aunt Kayty's trunk and taken to Las Vegas this week. He is truly amazing!!!
Kayty and Jessica's All Day Ride Passes

And then...THIS!!!

I told her that she and Morgan must be having a competition for "Most Grey Hairs Given To Mom". This one=at least 20!

I care for Miss Kaylee every other week, and Ethan and Cameo generously pay me...though SHE is my payment! Anyway, it is soooo nice to have my own Grammy money! I sent money with Kayty to celebrate National Donut Day on Friday, June 7, and they did in Krispy Creme fashion!!!

Kayty said this Key Lime one was absolutely to die for!

Then, they all went to the Bass Pro Shop...saw a Mermaid Show (which made me very happy that they were not on top of some hotel!!!)...tried out boats and vehicles...had a lot of fun!

Not so sure I want her driving my precious grandson around!

Allison and Mike are soooooo good to us! They tolerate our constant visits...with a smile! I haven't seen Jessica's pics yet...don't really know what she thought of our crazy bunch! So glad they all had fun!!!...and everyone lived to tell!!!

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