Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Grammy's Grape Gazebo

Truly a work that has progressed over years of time. The vines were planted years ago. We used the pipe from a baseball batting cage we purchased that had a rotten net, thus making it unaffordable at the time for us to use it (the boys still used the pitching machines, so it wasn't a total waste!) We used Ethan's pipe saw to cut, Morgan welded, we set the posts, Dee put in a child's level granite table, we gathered river rock to make the path, and the floor (the path also has rocks that were given to me by Adam and Grace, a glass doorknob, and a piece of "Jessica-ite"). It was meant for me to have tea parties with granddaughters. The far away ones haven't been able to, but this was the first 'near' granddaughter that got to enjoy it, though for Kaylee, she enjoyed putting her feet in the water, and grabbing the leaves. Now, it's the only cool place in the yard...and that is a relative 'cool'.

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