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Elder Rice Letter for Monday, February 3, 2014

Family and friends of Elder Rice..
Elder Rice arrives at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on Saturday, March 1 at 2:44 p.m. He will report on his mission in our Sacrament meeting on Sunday, March 16 at 9:00 A.M. at the Pinnacle Peak LDS chapel on 51st Ave and Pinnacle Peak Rd. We will have a Pizza Party welcome home party that day as well. You are all welcome at all of these special events. Please keep Elder Rice in your prayers, as he is working hard to the very end, trying to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the wonderful people of Iksan, South Korea. 

Doran and Suzzy Rice

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Hey family,
I'm glad to hear that all is going well there. Here we had an interesting week. It was Lunar New Year here, so ThursdayFriday and Saturday we could not do any missionary work... not that we could before we haha. We have no phone.We try using pay phones, but people have not been answering. It is a Korean thing: if they do not know the person, they do not really want to answer the phone. They usually text you and ask who you are. We cannot text though. It is all good though. We had the idea to visit a less active member. When we got there, he was about to go for a walk, so we went with him. He walked to the school. It is set up so people can just walk on the track there. So, while we were walking, he introduced us to his friends. I started talking to one and we walked faster and were not with the others. So I started to lead into a gospel conversation and another man showed up and started talking to the guy I was with. I made good friends with two men in their mid 70s  though, and  I was so grateful to Heavenly Father. He made me able to understand probably 95 percent of what they said. That was the coolest blessing. 

Other than that, people do not answer our phone calls and we are waiting for a phone. I almost bought one... a used smart phone is only 70 dollars. ... but it's against the rules, so i didn't. I finished the Bible this week and also The Power of Everyday Missionaries. I learned a lot from it all. 

This week, I am focusing on the Spirit, because all that our investigators need is to feel the Spirit and recognize it. That is the most important thing... not huge discussions about all the principles. They need their questions answered in the way that allows the Spirit to speak to them, while helping them understand their answers through the basics of the gospel. I am still thinking about all of this. but ya. I love you all. Thank you to dad and Doran for working on my truck. That makes me happy! (Ya, Doran, I have  tasted lots of gas… every time I put more in the tank and tried to prime the pump!) thankyou....!! 

I love you all. Take care of Jessica. 

Love, Elder Rice

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