Saturday, February 15, 2014

Elder Rice Mail for Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dear Family,
Hey thank-you so much, dad, for fixing my truck. We aligned it once with the big tires on it… but ya thank you so much. What are the odds for us getting drawn for elk this year?

This week was good. We had an awesome day Thursday. We went to go play basketball at the college with an investigator and usually we eat lunch together first, but he had eaten with his professor, but another man that plays with us showed up early, so we ate together and he started asking questions. We taught about prophets. Then we taught the other man that had eaten lunch with the professor. After we played, we taught the whole Restoration lesson, and then we asked him if he believed it was true. He said it was hard, so we talked about why it’s important to know and how to know. We then went and met Lee Heung Jay, the family that I have been working on for 2 years... and we taught a powerful lesson. He said it was hard to understand. We found out that he thinks we can’t teach him because we don’t understand his situation because he is Buddhist and Korean, and we are born in the Gospel and American. But the best part was that the day before that,  I talked to Sister Shin about him and she gave me the phone number of a man that lives in Daejeon that was a hardcore Buddhist who heard about Christ and tried to prove him wrong. In his search, he found the Book of Mormon and read it all in one day, then was baptized. He also works the same job as our investigator. We mentioned him and our investigator wanted to call him . I hope he did. We have no money to use the pay phone, and when we do call, he was busy, but it’s ok. I have faith that the Lord is guiding everything. We go and walk at night sometimes with a less active man in our ward. We talk a lot and we have met a lot of his friends. It’s super cold, though. Some nights, I feel like my hands will fall off , but it helps him a lot and we are also finding more people to teach through it. So it was a great day. We met a lot of good people. We had no one come to church yesterday,but the bishop pointed out that Lee Hueng Jay has already come once to church, so he still can get baptized before i leave if he is ready!!

We are just working super hard here. I recently have been reading the Book of Mormon more than normal and it’s amazing. My testimony grows more as I read it more. I feel the Spirit stronger when I testify of it, and it’s helping me with all my trials here. It is teaching me a lot and I am finding things for my investigators. It’s amazing. If I read one chapter a day, I’m happy, but if I read ten a day, I’m really happy. The Book of Mormon is so powerful and just reading front to back, I always find something in it that I need that day. It is inspired by God for us. It is so amazing. On Saturday, I ran into a man of another strong religion. We met once and talked a lot. Then he tried to call us, but our phone was broken, so he drove to the church and we happened to be walking to the church and met and talked. He ignores the Gospel of Christ and focuses on doctrines that aren’t necessary to understand for our salvation. He wants the correct gospel and he is being kept from it because of that. I tried as hard as I could to explain faith and the Gospel of Christ and how we can know through prayer, but he refused to even try because our church doesn’t focus on Nebuccanezer’s dream??? Even with the challenges,  ya, I’m just so happy I have a chance to share this Gospel and I wish everyone would just readily accept it. I’ll try my best to share with everyone though because it is true and its the most important thing we can ever know. I love it.

Have a great week. I love you all. Take care of Jessica.
Love, Elder Rice

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