Sunday, February 2, 2014

Elder Rice Letter for Monday, January 27, 2014

Sorry this letter is a day late. As the words of Elder Rice came, I was sitting with my precious daughter and son in law, as they read scriptures with their four little children. I sat nestled next to 7 year old granddaughter Grace, as the letter from her "best buddy" came. Brand new baby Sam was eating, while Adam read, and Josh tried so hard to listen. It was my last night in this piece of heaven Allison and Mike have created for these little blessings from I traveled home this morning, and now share another wonderful missionary letter with you. Two grandsons safely in the arms of two families have been our January goal: accomplished. Now, to prepare for the return of Elder Rice on March 1...we need to find his bed...

This has been an interesting week. Haha. It ended with me. Wait, I’ll explain everything. So Korean floors are heated. It’s the greatest thing in the world. They run off the water heater. In Korea, you never ever heat or cool an empty house. It’s expensive here. Well as missionaries focusing on a billion things, and as humans being forgetful, you forget to turn the heater off. So then the gas bill is high and the office elders call you and make you feel bad. So we decided to just always have it off unless we need it. Like, when we sleep, we don’t need it, because we’re asleep. So we wear sweatshirts and pants and use 2 blankets. I don’t have to do this to save money; it’s just me making a point that I can save a ton of gas. Anyways ya. So I woke up Saturday and turned the phone alarm off and then put the phone in my sweatshirt pocket. Then I did some exercise. I think then took my sweatshirt off and was about to shower. I saw the laundry and realized I needed to do it and threw all the stuff in the washer. Then later, I tried to find the phone. I couldn’t. At lunch, I had some time, so I decided to take out my laundry and put it on the rack thing to dry. At the bottom of the washer was our phone.... It’s been in a bag of rice  for 2 days and still doesn’t work. I realized how much of a blessing a phone is. We met with one new investigator on Saturday who is amazing. He just wants to follow the straight and narrow path and is trying to find it. Super awesome. He had some big questions. When people bring up why Christ drank wine and how we can’t, what is a good way to answer that wont turn into a bash? (Elder Rice, The Word of Wisdom is for the weakest of Saints. If we were allowed to drink, some would drink to excess and it would cause poor decisions and thought. If all people could drink and not to excess, that won't happen. We also have plenty of ways to store water now. They did not then, water would go bad being in leather bags and clay pots. Paul told Timothy to use wine and not water for his stomach problems. If we only had wine to drink or die, then it would be oK to drink wine, as it is better to drink wine then to die. Wine today is to get drunk or to drink socially not for life sustaining of the body.We really don't need to drink wine as they may have had to.Love dad )

So, we had an appointment at 4:00 that didn’t show up and we couldn’t call. Then our 5:00 appointment came late and asked why we didn’t answer his call. Then he left and our 6:00 English class had no one come to it, but it all worked out. Then yesterday, a less active young man was supposed to give a talk, but he didn’t come. We went to his house last night. He said his parents were out of town and he tried to call us to come to church with us, but we didn’t answer. hmph. I was worried because our phone, well, I guess when people call, it just rings.  It doesn’t send a “this elder washed his phone” signal to people. I worried that all the work we did here could crumble and everyone could get upset with us. But I remembered what I talked about last week; that Heavenly Father is Omnipotent. He leads this work. He knew this would happen and He won’t allow it to ruin the work we have done or will do here. I do feel bad because Sunday morning, I had a feeling to go to that youth’s house. Next time, I will follow that prompting. Heavenly Father knows all and has an eye out for all of us and He really does answer our prayers through other people.

I have learned so much this week, but first I had huge trials. Like I have just had super hard times, and then now todayand last night, I have been just taught from on high a ton of things. I have been praying to learn. I then realized that a bit ago, I prayed for these things and told Heavenly Father I would go through what ever it takes to learn that. Then I had these trials, and now I realize it all. Heavenly Father gave me the trial to humble me, because earlier, He had tried to tell me the answers, but I didn’t listen. Once He had sufficiently humbled me, I now am able to learn so much, and its  being taught to me from sources I never thought of: like a Sacrament Meeting talk, and when I studied the Gospel Principle book in Korean; when my companion shared one verse or a Liahona Magazine story he liked. It’s all just answering my prayer and questions. It’s the best. I now have even a more firm testimony that Heavenly Father does hear our prayers. I have no idea how He does it. Like Nephi said,  “I do not know the meaning of all things…” I just know that Heavenly Father loves us. I know He answers our prayers. Every time I have asked to be humbled or to have a trial or to be taught something, He does it; in His way and His time. If anyone of you that read this wonder if Heavenly Father hears your prayers, ask Him a question, and wait for the trial of your faith that will come before you gain the witness. You can ask to be humbled; to receive a trial. That answer comes faster, it seems to me, and you learn a lo,t but its super difficult, in my experience. But, just know that God, the Eternal Father of us all loves us, knows us, and answers all our prayers. I bare witness of this. In the name of Jesus Christ, as His representative on earth today.
I love you all. Be safe and take care of Jessica.
 Love Elder Rice

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