Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rice Family Week: January 26, 2014-February 1, 2014

Here 's how our week went...
Mom woke up  Monday  in Vegas, got two great kids ready for school, said goodbye's to Daddy and Mommy, Adam and Grace, and Adam's tree frog (I truly forgot his name...he was a pretty good house guest, other than the fact that he ran out of meal worms, so Daddy had to make a late night PetsMart run)...Joshy and Sam were sleeping. Trip home was uneventful and Mom arrived to knock on Kayty's door, which she grumbled a reply, and when I said something, she said, "Mommy!" So nice to be greeted like that! She madly ran to clean the bathroom and get her laundry in the washer...I spent catch up time and had a hard time sleeping - kept dreaming I had to get Adam and Grace up for school AND Kayty up for work! I am crazy.

Tuesday, tried to recover my routine I stepped out of. Dusted, vacuumed, mopped, made Dee eggs, so no chorizo and eggs. I was absolutely the kindest wife ever and made grits and sectioned a grapefruit. Much of the day was spent cleaning up the grits mess...thus why they are a rarity. Must. purchase. eggs! I then worked on Elder Rice's monthly snail mail. I got in a habit of going to the same spots in the yard and taking a picture on the 22nd of the month...the day he left...and taking a pic of the Phoenix temple on that date as well. This is to be his final snail mail..takes 10 days to get there and there won't be time next month. Saddest thing was taking a pic of his truck in the very same unmoved spot for the 23rd time! I told Dee that this Saturday, we would  work on this truck!
Every month on the 22nd (except this one...but I had a great excuse for this assignment to be late)

Orange and Grey truck of Nathan' the same darned spot...every single month...I even begged the other boys to help a few months ago. Ethan offered to push it to another spot...

Bulbs are coming up!...and to the right...are weeds!!! Those I proceeded to get out of the flower bed the very next day!
Dee's garden is really growing. We are just waiting for the 'ripening' stage. I picked tons of snow peas, and he noticed that his Trinidad Scorpion peppers...Hottest in the World...had a couple of ripe ones. He picked...and then proceeded to eat. The first little sliver had very little heat. He was rather disappointed. He then tried another little sliver. That one got the message...and burned like fire! After 10 total slivers, one Trinidad Scorpion, and a gallon of milk were both gone! He gave the other to his friend Larry who uses them dried in his barbeque sauce. The rest of the peppers are going to be used in Dee's drying and using as a powder as well.

On Tuesday, we went to Ethan and Cam's to see the Duck Dynasty shows we had missed. Boy, had Miss Kaylee progressed in the two weeks I was gone. She has snazzy shoes and walks everywhere! She is eatin like a big kid...though they have stopped the peanut butter for awhile...and thinks she is all that and a slice of cheese! Ethan has been putting together a salt water aquarium and it is looking very good...almost ready for the clownfish!

We went out Thursday to visit Doran and family. Kelsie is quite the big sister and feeds Kooper bottles and just is the best big sister! They are doing well and adjusting to baby life!

Dad starts his plants from seed, and uses many when he transplants...and inevitably has plants leftover. He then offers them on Facebook. The takers of the extra tomato plants were Julie B (Julie Gadjuko-Biodrowski...thus, Julie B), the Barton Family, and Gary Wilkins. He replace a couple of plants that didn't look good too.

The missionaries in our ward, Elder Smith and Elder Ogden, came by to show us a video about the temple if we were interested in sharing it with our neighbors. Ethan and Kaylee stopped by and she walked and talked and played with Beau and went into the playroom and decided she was kind of old for my 'baby' toys. Need to get some 'older' things! Jessica also came by to pick up Nate's smart card with pics and she and Kayty visited. Our house went from no one-to a house full-and back to no one. 

Saturday's yard sales (Yard saling is our weekly date!) were ok this week. I ended up getting quite a few little toys for the playroom. Then I began 'nagging' Dee to get to work on Nate's truck. Lots of interruptions later, we were going on it. Doran and Amber came by with the kids...Amber used our computer to complete their taxes, I played and snuggled kids, and Doran helped Dad with the truck. While I was pushing Kelsie on the swing, I heard that long-not-heard sound of Nate's truck starting up. Hooray!!! It was running. I texted Jessica immediately. It drove...Doran and Dad drove it and it now sits in a new place in the driveway, waiting for new brake fluid, new spark plug wires, new distributor, etc.
Now on WEST side of driveway!

Kayty finally met Kooper...and smiled! She held him for quite a while too. She and Kooper's Daddy are not the best of friend right now, but she likes Amber and Kelsie and even this little guy!
Grammy took her share of holding and feeding and burping and snuggling time. I do have every single one of the cutest grandkids in the world!!!
Winners of the cutest grandkid award goes to Adam, Grace, Josh, Sam, Kaylee, Kelsie, and Kooper!!!

Signing out for this week. 

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