Friday, August 1, 2008

Father/Son Project

It has been years in the making, but our backyard auto parts yard is coming to good use, and projects are progressing. Now, mind you, our whole back yard is not auto parts...we live on over an acre and most of it has pool/playground/garden/fruit trees/sand volleyball court/

landscaping. However, one side, and part of our patio, has been dedicated to a 1960 Ford Pickup and a 1960 Ford Panel Wagon. Nathan wanted to rebuild his own truck from the bottom up, and so he started taking the truck apart, buying a new engine (with help from brothers Doran and Morgan), and sanding, etc. Dee is now working on his project as well. I can see how it wasn't much fun for him to go out by himself and work on it, so now he has a "partner", though there are many "heated discussions" regarding which vehicle should get the attention. It is good news, though, and now my patio can get cleaned off, and we can get rid of the old parts that we cannot use....hopefully!

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