Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We had planned on Dee taking a day off work today. He had a couple of '60 Ford trucks in Mesa he needed to look at for parts. I thought we could go to the temple, on our way (It was my first time this year... My goal in January said that I would go 8 times this year, so I have much to make up!). On our way, we would even stop at the cannery and get some rolled oats and cans to do on our own. Then I got this phone call from Allison. Gracie had been having some breathing problems. Allison had taken her to urgent care last Sunday, then treated her with all the medicine and treatments doctors prescribed. Still, Grace was waking up with breathing trouble every morning around 2:00 A.M. She took her in to the office on Monday, and they decided it might be asthma, like Allison has. Anyway, they got the nebulizer, meds, etc. but when they arrived home, the doctor called and said the xrays showed a foreign object in her lung...probably a peanut that she had choked on (this happened right before all the breathing trouble began). Zillions of phone calls begging doctors to see her later, now she is being put to sleep and having a bronchoscope put down to remove it.

Now, that you have all the background, my sweet mom has become our unofficial family temple roll name lister. When someone has a crisis, like this, she first thinks of calling the temple, and she had put both Allison and Grace on the temple roll before I could even think about it. Today, as I sat in the session, it was such a spiritual experience to think about those names called into the temple by many other people. I thought ofthose who were just asking for the faith of all of us...strangers to them...in behalf of their loved one. I wanted all the blessings for my daughter and granddaughter, and I thought back to how many times I have just taken that prayer for granted. That will never happen again. My heart prays for all who turn to the temple and to the Lord, and ask for the faith and prayers of brothers and sisters in the Gospel to bring those they love back to health or back to the fold.
P.S. After two hours of the procedure, Grace came out well. The foreign body indeed was a peanut, and her body had "coated" it, so much so that the doctor was stunned when he initially saw it, thinking it was a tumor! She is resting in the hospital and will, hopefully, come home on Wednesday.

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