Friday, August 8, 2008

Miracles Get Equal Time

You know, we have a little miracle granddaughter...Grace. She is full of life and energy and always finds an adventure. But, we also have a truly miraculous grandson...Adam. When he was a newborn, he could not keep anything down. He would eat...and then spit up, or, rather, throw up. Allison was patient, but persistent. Doctors accused her of feeding him too much. Finally, they listened and he had surgery when he was just a few weeks old to relieve his pyloric stenosis. He woke up from that surgery hungry for food and for life, and he has never stopped. He is very smart, very practical, very logical, and yet very adventurous. When his little sister was having her recent troubles, he wanted to see the I.V. put in and was very disappointed that he couldn't watch the surgery! He loves books, playing games, his cooking class, basketball, swinging at Papa's, transformers, and has the best time when he gets to play xbox with Daddy. He does almost everything that his mommy and daddy say...and a clean room is something that just some times is not possible for a five year old boy (Danyel insists it is impossible for a 24 year old boy as well!) He tells the best jokes, and Grammy always cries when she has to leave him and go back home. Papa and Grammy are so thankful for our wonderful and special Adam!!

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