Monday, August 25, 2008

The Last "First Day"

I just returned from my chauffering duties...Nathan to seminary, then to North Pointe, and then I dropped of Kayty at the Institute to wait until her classes start at Glendale Community College. Today is her first day of college - though she has already taken all her math classes for graduation .She gave me permission to take a first day picture, right as we were to walk out the door. College first day is the last picture I take, school first day-wise. (It sure would have been "tricky" - as Adam puts it- for me to run up to NAU and take Allison's pic each year!) Boy, after so many first days, so many pictures, getting six kids ready and taking them to their various schools on the first day, and now Kayty is done with that...on to a new adventure, and I only have two more first days for Nathan (three if I can hog tie him and get a first day of college pic...he is not the most cooperative subject!)

My sweet grandson starts kindergarten tomorrow, so my oldest child begins her years of first day pictures. Enjoy it all, Allison. It all goes by too quickly!

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