Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend in Vegas

We just spent the most wonderful, entertaining, and exciting weekend in Vegas. Now, I suppose you are thinking we were there to experience the hotels, the shows, the bright lights of the strip. But, there is another far better attraction least for us: The Wilkins. Yes, we spent the weekend with Allison, Mike, Adam and Grace...and every moment was just a treasure! We got to see their lovely new apartment...Allison creates such a beautiful home! There are photos perfectly hung on the walls, the furniture is wonderful and comfortable (Dee just loved the couch!) and the bathroom was just gorgeous. I sure wish I had her eye for color when I was her age. We finally got to see where Mike works...and he does an exceptional job. He manages/trains/rehabilitates workers, and keeps housewares, toys, etc. looking so appealing for the buying public. I could see how well liked he is. He truly is a good man to work for.

The best part was to get to play with the two best grandbabies on the earth: Adam and Grace. I didn't realize just HOW MUCH I truly missed them until I saw them and grabbed sweet Adam in a big hug. They are just the most amazingly wonderful kids.

Adam... He is excited to start school next week...Kindergarten! It seems he was just a tiny baby. He and I played Legos (he purchased some kits to build various vehicles with the reward money for his good dental appointment and he can sit and follow those instructions step by step to complete the vehicles on his own! I was so amazed.) We played games, a little Transformers, more games, colored, more games (He helped with my math skills on one of them...he is great at math!) and he even endured my many mess ups during an xbox lego star wars game. (He kept telling me to change my guy to the same one he was... I saw the guy changing over and over, but it took me forever to figure out that I was pushing the button that changed the guy! He patiently endured my "hitting" him over and over, too.) He is just amazing to me!

Grace is full of sweetness and smiles and laughter. She lights up the room when she comes in. She loves books (we have now memorized "Kitty Up, Kitty Down, Kitty Square, Kitty Round")She loves her babies. She loves to help Mommy (she even helps unload the dishwasher and set the table!) She is kisses and hugs and everything a beautiful little blonde should be. She suffers no ill effects from her recent hospitalization, other than the effect one gets when everyone is trying to make sure nothing she touches can be aspirated! She loves dressing up in Mommy's old dance clothes and watching Papa squash flies with his bare hands. She lights up the days and nights with her sunshine!

You know, I have been to Las Vegas four times now. I have never ever seen "The Strip" lit up, but my heart is filled with joy and light, just by being at my "happiest place on earth". Thank you, Mike and Alli, for putting up with us for a couple of gave me so much! Our weekend in Vegas was unforgettable!!


Karla said...

I've been thinking about you and wondering how the Vegas trip was, looks like you had a blast, go to love those grandkids.

Stacie Aho said...

How fun! I'm sure they just loved your visit. Glad you got back safely.