Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dee's India Adventure part 1

We got our first pictures (other than on the cell phone) of Dee's India trip. He flew for two days and arrived at midnight there. After a few hours of sleep, he ate "something that tasted very good, though I don't know what it was" and set out to see the sites. I am not sure all of the things that he saw...he put 87 pictures on snapfish for today alone. (Hopefully, the trend of many pics will not will take an album in itself to document this trip) He is now at dinner and will make a very quick call "tonight" for him, this morning for me.
(sorry for the small picture. It is the best I can do since they are not on my computer yet.)


the W* family said...

Adam keeps saying how sorry he feels for Papa. I made a curry chicken dish last weekend, and he hated it (though the rest of us liked it). He can't believe Papa has to eat that 'kind of yucky' food for 2 whole weeks! :)

Suzzy Rice aka Grammy Gingerbread said...

Papa has liked the food there, but he can't eat most of it unless they cook it special for him... after having trouble yesterday, he found out that EVERYTHING has onions in it!!