Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What is Wrong With This Picture

Ahhh...the last day of September. Kayty said that I could put up the Fall/Halloween decorations on October 1st. Tomorrow...what fun. So, I decided to climb up in the attic and get the boxes of stuff down...five large orange and black totes...full of black cats and leaves in my favorite colors... But wait, what is this dripping down my forehead?...Sweat...or rather perspiration. What from? Fall means cool weather, shorter days...but, I am in Arizona...was born here...lived here all but a few weeks of my 48 years...so why am I surprised with a molten hot attic? It was 101 degrees outside today, but, tomorrow, October 1st, it's gonna be Autumn!!! (Don't worry, Dee...I promise not to touch the thermostat, but I may jump in the pool after I put out the pumpkins!)

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