Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Proof: I Need Lessons!

This is what you get when

1. Mom is using her telephoto lens for the second time.

2. Son's team is winning the game, so the younger players get put into the game.

3. Mom gets too excited when son gets to play in more than one play.

In case you are interested, Nathan is the blurr with the number 72 on!


the W* family said...

Football games are HORRIBLE to take pictures of! When I was in high school and taking them, it was so hard. The lighting is bad, you are so far away (even when I was ON the field, I was a lot of times too far away), and the plays are quick.

Danyel said...

Mom the blur is not your falt. Doran has been practicing for how long and his still turn out blury sometimes. Its all about getting to know your camera and playing with the settings. Have a good time with it. Love you lots.