Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Enemy!

Why do I do it? Why do I let the ironing build up? It's not as if I iron a lot of things...I only iron Dee's shirts that he wears to work. That's five per week. So, what happened. I looked at the back of the pantry door (ironing waiting area) and there were SEVEN shirts there! That's right...SEVEN! I just spent the last hour starching and ironing them. They look great, the pantry door is MUCH lighter, and I can feel like I did SOMETHING today! (I am a hopeless OCD organizer. I began by purchasing a few more rubbermaid containers after dropping Kayty at college. Then, I knew that, putting our special pulled pork rub into one of those containers, I would need more of that rub, so I stopped at Smart and Final on the way to the freeway...wouldn't you know it...out of black pepper and dry mustard! So, back in the car, on home. I began putting things away, putting stuff in the container...oops, that shelf looks like it needs some new shelf liner and a label. So, new shelf liner, label Dee's sushi shelf, the shelf with thermometers -don't know why, though, in case something happens and anyone else cannot rouse me to consiousness to find a candy thermometer - and then the Kitchenaid Accessories shelf...oops, some of those accessories are dusty, so I wash, dry and re-line that shelf. Then, I labeled the canning accessories shelf - and ran out of shelf liner. What to do, what to do? I NEED to finish vacuuming, but I could just run to WalMart Neighborhood Market...30 minutes and a trip to WalMart and Fry's, I return home with the milk Nathan complained about being out of - I am not a milk drinker, so someone has to tell me!- but no shelf liner. So, wash shelves, organize the vitamins shelf, fix up the first aid kit - adding medicines that do not need to be readily available on the vitamin shelf...and, well, I did get most of the vacuuming done. And Dee's shirts...all seven of them...look and smell just wonderful. I need to leave in 30 minutes to get Kayty, cut up the chicken and bell peppers for Chicken Creole (Fat Tuesday, don't you know, so we "celebrate" Mardi Gras with a Louisiana Dish). I have run and done a lot, but does it look like it?

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Danyel said...

I am verry much the same in the OCD cleanning department. Last saterday I started in the kitchen and ended up moving the computer so I could clean under it. Doran was not to happy. I guess I didnt shut down the computer right. Who know there was a special way to turn it off so you can move it.