Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Week...What a Boring One!

Another week gone by. I never felt so boring! But, with all our family and how large it is getting, I guess boring is good!

Dee spent another week going over engineering drawings, and attending meetings for his Honeywell project. I asked him "About how many meetings do you go to..." Before I could finish, he said "Four a day!" Wow...lots to discuss, I guess. He also met with India once this week. We got new tires for the jeep, ate a wonderful dinner out at Shanes Rib Shack (thank you Brother Humphreys...worlds best home teacher!!), got some good stuff at yard sales on Saturday (including a new food processor for me - Cuisinart for $13.00...mine wouldn't grate)He also spent a lot of time in the garden: picking snow peas, collards, and planting tomatoes, squash, basil, and I don't even remember what else. He also spent a lot of time spraying weeds...1 1/4 acre of land = 1 1/4 acre of weeds. We trimmed trees, hauled branches, and cleaned up a lot. We are still investigating solar power and water heating...good prices, good grants, and will save us a lot.

Suzzy drove kids as usual. It's not bad...I really schedule my trips so I can shop when I go...Food City on Tuesday, Trader Joes and Smart and Final on Friday, Frys and Albertsons as I drive by and need to. I got to hike twice on Monday...once in the morning (punishment for eating all those M&M's at Dorrie's Valentine Dinner) and once later with Dee. I hiked Wednesday with our ward hiking group (Liz and I this week). I finished hemming all the curtains in the guest/playroom, and am now looking for a small bookshelf to put the kids books on (so they can be used by my grandbabies)

Kayty had a good week at school. Her first solo performance before judges was on Friday. She did well and learned so much from the experience. Her other classes and school are going well too. She was asked to be a member of Phi Theta Cappa at school, so we will attend that ceremony next week. Work is good, though she isn't getting as many hours as she needs. She has decided to drive more, save more, and get her driver's license (has to pay her own insurance, so that is a challenge).

Nathan had a busy week. School went well...he is on the track team as well as training for football. We have been getting LOADS of college aps lately for him. We found out why...he did well on the PSAT test...needs to work a little more on his writing skills, but that we knew...he is a man of few words!!! Speech team is working with his schedule, so that is good. He will be going to the state tournament wth his speech...lots of work to prep for that!Also, quick note...first date on Saturday night...a friend from school went to a Saturday Night Dance (took us forever to find her house, to find the dance...the dance was crummy...and so it wasn't the best date ever, but at least the ice is broken!!)

Well, that's all...we eat, we sleep, we wake, we drive.

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