Monday, February 9, 2009

It's Not Just the Big Things

I know that, sometimes, we all feel we are not important to anyone. And yet, we are ALWAYS important to our Heavenly Father. He is always aware of us and our needs, and I had this magnified to me, just a few moments ago. Dee had a small key ring, with keys to his tool boxes and to the gun safe (the only key to the gun safe!), and it had been missing for months. We had looked, we had prayed, we had looked again, only to not be able to locate them. It was getting ridiculous, and Dee spent some time last night trying to find the gun safe company so he could possibly get another key. Bad news...looks like the company is out of business. What to do? Nothing much was said, but the thoughts of drilling out the present locks on the tool boxes was daunting, but a near possibility.

Switch to this morning. I am dusting the sewing room door jam. I do this every Monday. Nothing different. Only, this time, I look over at a house that I had tole painted years ago. It hangs at the end of my sewing cabinet. It only has one peg on it...and on that peg was a small key ring. I called Dee..."Does the missing key ring have a broken key on it?" He happily replied "yes". The keys are found. And I know, without a doubt, that Heavenly Father was aware of our need, and answered our prayers. Now, I know that this is minor, and, again, insignificant to some, but even the smallest need we have is important to the Lord...We are IMPORTANT to the Lord. He is Always there for us, and he often shows us in small ways. I am so thankful for this knowledge!

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