Sunday, February 8, 2009

Where We Are

I was visiting my sister, Sharynn, with my mom last Sunday, so I missed the weekend update. Now, mind you, I may not do this every week anyway. If it begins to sound monotonous, I will not bore you... So, here is where we are...

Dee: Still working at Honeywell, and that is good. They are "re-grouping" the engineering department, which is what they usually do before they "reduce". (We have been with AiResearch/Garrett/AlliedSignal/Honeywell for 30 years, except for 10 months when he was laid off, so we know the pattern.) We will know more in the next 2 to 6 weeks. It is not a terrible worry to us. We KNOW we need to find something else, and maybe this will "inspire" us, but we want to make sure we have health insurance for Kayty, etc. He is on ANOTHER big project, so that has kept him busy, plus he still meets with India two nights a week. He further progressed on the outdoor kitchen and worked on planting more in the garden...tomatoes. We are harvesting tons of snow peas...we are trying to eat some for dinner tonight. And, of course, we have tons of collards and swiss chard! Truck engine progress is slow...the block he had will require too much money to get to work right, so he is still on the hunt.

Suzzy: Great to go to Utah and see Sharynn, Rollin, all the kids, the Draper Temple open house, Camilla's baptism, lots of family at the party after, and be with Becca before she left to teach pre-school in China for the next 5 months. Decided for sure that, though Utah is beautiful in the Summer, the Winter there is not for me...snow and muck and yuck! This week was spent driving, as usual, cleaning, reading (I am on the last Harry this thing intense for the ENTIRE book?)I am also making curtains for the playroom. They are plaid, so I have had to work hard to make sure each half matches the other, but it is working out. Worked on weeds, but the poison didn't get em, so next week, MORE POISON.

Kayty: Turned from kid to adult this week. Had a great 18th birthday party on Tuesday with Taco Soup, candy, cake, and wonderful friends. They played on the playground, talked, ate, talked, played "Life-sized Jenga", ate, talked and just had a good time. She had a good week in her choirs...finally found a pianist for her private voice lesson, and likes to sing in French! She worked three or four days at Party City and didn't bring home too much junk (what does an 18 year old need with a woopie cushion?) She even babysat on Saturday night right after work...wore her out totally!!

Nathan: Busy week, as usual. Day goes like this: Seminary, school, speech team practice, weight lifting, home, eat, homework, bed. He had a speech tournament yesterday. His coach decided that his speech needed to compete in a different class, so he had to rewrite, make visual aids, and then memorize all over again...and in just a few days. He didn't do as well as he wanted, but I thought it was great to just get through all that! He really likes his conditioning workouts for football. HE has a great coach. He has a regular job as a captain with the sheriff's department, but he comes before school, after school, etc. to help them. He even goes to extra activities like their speech tournaments, etc. Didn't get much done on his truck (working on that ol' speech), but enjoyed a great mountain bike ride with Doran and Morgan on Friday after school.

Well, that's it. It's raining here now, a rarity, so just enjoying the beauty of wet. Looking forward to the best thing this week: Grandbabies are coming!!!

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