Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finally Me!

Dee travels...not as much as he used to, but when he traveled, he would make sure to see what Church sites were in the area. So, he has seen the Sacred Grove, Joseph Smith's home, and been to temples in Chicago, Palmyra, and I put these pics on my entry wall...My entry is kind of my "temple" place. There are pics of Dee and I, and Allison and Mike on our wedding days, Ethan and Doran and Doran on their missions, and our visits as a family to temples...but none of just me! Now, that sounds extremely petty, and it really is, but I wanted one of just me by a temple.
So, when my Mom and I visited Utah last weekend for my niece Camilla's baptism, my sister arranged for us to tour the brand new Draper temple that is having an open house. It was lovely, but it was dark and cold (TRUE cold is something I had not experienced before this)so, no pics. Sharynn offered to take me before the baptism...but it was too cold for me. No pic was worth freezing.
So, it seemed my quest to make it to "the wall" would not be. That is, until my sweet brother in law, Rollin, on the way to the airport, drove me, and then my sister took pics of me, in front of the Draper Temple, AND the Jordan River Temple, AND the Oquirrh Mountain Temple (sorry about the spelling, Utah people...at least I didn't spell it like my Mom thought it should be...OKRA) What a sweet thing to do, and we still made it to the airport on time.

Thanks Rollin and Sharynn for helping me add to the wall, for letting us intrude on your family, and for being the great wonderful people you are!!!


Danyel said...

Wiw that is so cool. they all turned out great. Soon you will have to put the name of the temple in the frame so we all can know. They will look great on your wall.

The Willeyes said...

How fun...i wish we would have known you were here. Would have loved to see you:)