Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crazy Without My Vacuum

I once told Dee that I could handle ANYTHING, as long as I have my washing machine and my vacuum. I have six kids...four of them are boys...very active boys. My life revolved around either sucking it up, or putting it in the washer. I have sucked up many a scorpion, dirt, sand, dish soap (do not ask...It was when Ethan was very young, and it seemed like a good idea to use our old central vacuum to clean up a mess...it was a good idea until soap bubbles came pouring out all the wall sockets!), beads, jelly beans, hard boiled eggs (there again, the boys were having too much fun, and when I checked, they were putting hard boiled eggs in their oscillating fan and shooting them all over their bedroom.) As long as I can vacuum it up, nothing was to tough to face.
Move forward to this morning. I was happily vacuuming, when I smelled that awful "the belt is burning" smell, and my beater bar in my old kirby vacuum has bitten the dust, so to speak. I feel a bit lost, but my knight in shining armor is stopping at the vacuum store on the way home to replace my old beater bar with a shiny new one! I feel so...well, how do I spell relief? V A C U U M!!

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Danyel said...

I know how you feel. I was without ours for a week. It realy stunk. Hope that yours gets put back together soon.