Friday, January 9, 2009

A Box of 64 Colors = Love

As part of my morning "routine", I check out the email, answer what is needed, and then go to my favorite blogs. I love to get new recipes to try. I love to see others's homes and the way they decorate them. I love to hear the wonderful trials and triumphs of my dear family and friends and their children from young to not so young. I love to look at pictures other photographers have captured...I only can hope to be as good some day! Those pictures are what come to mind now. I was talking with Danyel the other day about taking pictures. I looked at Krisi's blog (that's Allison's sister in law, due to be married in 35 days). Their engagement photos, and those taken of other soon to be married couples, look so fresh. The love they have in their's just so fresh and new, like a new box of crayola crayons on the first day of school. Then, when I was looking for poses of "more experienced" couples - trying to find one for Dee and I - they just looked different...that sparkle was gone. Now, mind you, these people are in love. It's just that the look is just...well different. They seemed rather comfortable, rather eased. Just like that Magenta Crayon that I always pick first out of the box when it is new. First, that crayon makes clean, wonderful, perfect lines. But, as time goes on, as I pick it first, over and over, the sharp edges wear. The perfect point is gone. It mixes well with th other colors I use. It is more easy to fill in the blank spaces, because it is worn. It is comfortable. Sometimes the paper has to be torn to reveal more that was hidden, and then use that. It still is the favorite crayon, though worn, and often the shortest in the box. Maybe, after you are married, you both become softer on the edges. You have been through things: babies, jobs, moves, family challenges. Your edges are worn, and then you need to tear off the paper, and reveal even more of yourself to that person that now knows you better than anyone, and loves you just the same. Danyel said that photos of older love are quite the same, too. They show a deeper love, because of all that they have been through together. Though I sometimes wish for that fresh faced look of young love, I will take the seasoned face of eternal love. Dee is my Magenta crayon!


gibkidsmom said...

great analogy!

The Willeyes said...

That is awesome! What a great analogy and what a sweet sentiment:)
I love it-