Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Laura Bush Wannabe

I just love Laura Bush's hairdo. To me, it is what I want my hair to look like. It looks well groomed, yet not time consuming, and it will work with my very thin, very fine, stock straight hair. Every time I go to get my hair cut, I pull out my picture of Laura Bush that I carry in a baggie in my wallet. Now, mind you, I do not carry a picture of ANYONE else in my purse/wallet...not even my sweet grandbabies. Well, my hair is too long, and driving me nuts, so I called and made an appointment with Terri at Mario's (she has cut my hair for a long time). She doesn't know me by name, but when I said I was the Laura Bush lady, she laughed, and said she would put down "Laura Bush" in the appointment book for tomorrow. So, I will be Laura Bush...I guess I have finally made it!

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