Sunday, January 18, 2009

What's Been Up

I love Google Reader...I get updates from all the wonderful people whose blogs I follow. I eagerly look, especially, for word from my dear Las Vegas family. I check and check, and sometimes wonder what they are doing when I don't hear! Silly me...with two busy, sweet wonderful kiddos, I just can't figure why Mommy doesn't just stop and write!!(I am truly being facetious). Anyway, then I look and I just go over the big things, not the everyday things (plus, I want to include pics and sometimes that just isn't possible!)...So, since Dee is at meetings before Church on Sunday, maybe this is my chance for a quick update.

Dee: Busy week at work. Given two new projects on top of the many others he is doing. Transition from Belgium is finally working on its own. Meeting with India uneventful. Progress on back yard - cut most of the granite for the counter top on outdoor kitchen. Also found exterior paint (hooray for Craigslist!) so I can paint the stucco in lower courtyard.Progress on 1960 Panel Truck-still looking for engine parts, i.e. aluminum heads, and desperately trying to spend very little more money. Starter in the Jeep went out on Thursday (I had to cancel my cub scout meeting 10 minutes before so I could help him.) So very glad Dee can fix ANYTHING, and so we got the part at AutoZone - still under warranty, so saved over 150 dollars - and got it all put together tht night. Went with Nathan on church scout trip in Flagstaff.

Suzzy: Got back to regular cleaning schedule (hopelessly OCD!)Cooked up various meals with the round steak that was on sale that Dee overbought (Never send him to Safeway with round steak on sale and ask for just three...thought that meant three packages=7 round steaks!)Exercised, ran, hiked with friends from Church on Wednesday, got my haircut (first since September), got Nathan to weightlifting on Thursday and Friday at school at 6 a.m. Organized my family photos, ordered missing ones, put in files and am now ready to catch up family scrapbook (I am at the end of May now!),continued work organizing pantry, got more seasonings, etc. ordered for years supply. Finally decided that I should get that plaid red, tan and navy plaid fabric on ebay...playroom gets my patriotic touch, and our bedroom will get repainted (I never finished the red anyway)and will now be my favorite sage green. SOMEDAY, our bathroom with get the same green paint, and will have slate floors and a snail shower!Cubbies had to cancel, but excited for next week: Pack Meeting.

Kayty: Last week of rest before college starts next week, sooooo that means she slept and slept and slept. It doesnt really bother me...I can work and she just sleeps right through, but her room....let's just say, it has a lovely ceiling! Boy, what is going to happen in there next week if she doesn't clean it on MOnday...listen for piercing screams. Worked at Party City...bought stuff on sale at Party City (I swear, the executives have figured out that the more she works, the more she spends!!!Keeps that corporation in business, I dare say!)Planned a birthday party for herself (she loves to have her friends and family over for a party)Got her few college books picked up (over $200 for 3 books...can you believe it!)Slept and watched movies and texted in her spare time.

Nathan: Turned, talked on the phone, and talked on the phone, and talked on the phone!!! Went to football training on Thurs and Fri, went to speech team practice every day after school. Progress on 1960 Ford Pickup-worked on engine, got on Craigslist, asked tons and tons of questions. Built "sled" with guys at church and attended the three stake Ididarod in Flagstaff. Though they took no first place in any individual event, they ended up doing so well in all events that they won! So very exciting!! Our ward gets to keep the trophy for a year! Will be interviewed by bishop today so that he can be advanced in the Aaronic Priesthood to the office of a Priest (he will be able to bless the Sacrament then)

Not so happy things this week: Kayty's A1C - hard with Halloween, Christmas, and sales...better luck in March!; Adam and his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day - so glad that your Mommy and Daddy are there to take the sad away and make a happy picnic and bike ride!; Nathan truck parts-sometimes people are so eager to sell that they neglect to give all the info. needed - so we sell the rockers to a fully informed buyer, and then get the right ones!

Miracles this week: Jocylyn, born to Kelli and Patrick - welcome to the world and to the wonderful Wilkins family; Gracie and no cast - no break, just a sprain...prayers are answered!; flight 1549 - landed with No deaths!

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