Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All Done for This Year

Whew...three days after I began, I have finished taking down all the Christmas decorations, including the Dept 56 North Pole Village. I had to miss a Relief Society Enrichment Night last night, but I did take a break and go on a hike with Joy Black and Liz Geis. Gone are the decorations, the trees, the nativities, the ornaments, the animated animals (animated animals...sounds kind of odd. They move. And, all are put away, except for the one I will get tomorrow at Party City...again, perks of having a daughter work for them.)It is sad to take down the memories, but the memories of a wonderful holiday with the people you love most in the world are priceless. And, since I am kind of anti-clutter, it just looks so nice to have everything de-cluttered. I am sad Christmas is over, but I'm also so glad the decorations are all over too.


Annie Miller said...

Isn't that the best feeling? My tree is in the middle of my living room in pieces and I just can't get motivated to deal with it. Is that the hiking club that you went hiking with?

Suzzy Rice aka Grammy Gingerbread said...

I, too, had unmotivated times, and I don't have a little one year old angel to keep track of. I would look and just think that I was crazy to put all this up, and I would never get done. But, then, I just did it. And, yes, that is our ward hiking group. It is so much fun to just get out in the nice weather and talk. You should come!