Wednesday, January 14, 2009

He Made It!

January 14th is a special day in our house...though the person who makes it special wants very little said or done about it. Sixteen years ago today, Nathan Micheal Rice was born. Now, baby number six may seem to some as just another kid, but each Rice child has been very unique, in talents, in feelings, and in gifts, and Nathan is no different. He came home from the hospital, and just fit right in, and became the apple of his brother, Ethan's, eye. Though 10 years separate them, Nathan always was part of things, never a bother! And now I watch as Nathan lives to spend the night at Ethan and Cameo's to play games, works side by side with Doran on a go cart, and even takes time to help Morgan work on a bike when he flits into our lives.
Nathan is quiet around others, but when you get to know him, and around home, he just never shuts up!! He is always asking, always seeking. He is restoring a 1960 Ford pick up truck, from the body to rebuilding the engine. He is always asking questions, which sometimes leaves Dad, and his Church leader, Brother Perkins, going bonkers. But he just won't give up until he finds the answer to his searching. He is so helpful too. Again, being the youngest, and the last boy at home, he gets to lift, pull, drag, trim, and he even has proven to be a master at cement mixing and stuccoing.
With Nathan, life is not boring. He likes his school and the things he gets to do there: STUGO, NHS, and he especially loves playing varsity football. He has taught me new things...we are baseball people...Ethan was a super catcher...Doran could hit a ball a mile without even trying, and Morgan had endless energy on the baseball field. This football thing is just new to me. And you'd think Nate would have just followed in the path of his brothers, but not him!
One of Nathan's best qualities is his faith. He has been blessed to see the Lord's hand in all things. Nathan found the gas tank on Craigslist last week that Dee had searched many months for. Nathan said that we were blessed, that the Lord rebuked the devourer, because we pay our tithing. He stays up late to read his scriptures every night. He presses us to get to church so he can do his duties.
Finally, He made it. Now, this may mean something only to the other Rice kids. We have set a standard that there is no dating until you turn 16. This also means no social phone calls, etc. with members of the opposite sex until then, too. (Bishop Black once said that there wasn't much difference between a 3 hour phone call, and a date!)Allison was the first who had to follow, and the rule was made because some young man kept calling her for long conversations. Ethan tried, but didn't make it. Doran tried, but didn't make it. Morgan tried, but didn't make it. Kayty made it. and now Nathan made it. So, please understand if you cannot reach us by phone for the next little while. He has talk time stored up.
Well, this is just a little about our fantastic son, the youngest of a line of fantastic kids. Thank you Nathan, for adding another bit of color to our lives. And happy, happy birthday!


the W* family said...

Happy Birthday, Nathan! Adam wishes he could be there with you! Well, we all do. But, you're Adam's favorite! Love you!

peachytiffers said...

Wow, time flies! I don't think I have ever said sorry about being one of the girls that Ethan tried to call, so...sorry! I do remember Ethan always talking about Nathan though. He has always really felt something special with him. You have some really great kids!