Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekly Update for Jan 18-24

Another week under our belts, so to speak. Whether we progressed or not is up to you. Here's what went on...
Dee - At work, good progress made on all projects. His presentation on the Belgium transition went very well, and he endured another week of an "echo-ey" India meeting (he's asked for a rug to be put in the room - to decrease the echo- for months...Can't anyone find a rug in India?)It was his turn to feed the engineers for the weekly engineering breakfast. I made banana muffins and cranberry muffins, we had fresh eggs (go chickens!), tortillas and fresh salsa (it wasn't too hot after all!),fresh sqeezed orange and grapefruit (go trees!) and then he also brought some of his famous pulled pork (go...well, we don't have a pig, but we have a good smoker and I have a good rub recipe!)On our projects, he finished setting the granite for the outdoor week begins the polishing!He is still searching for engine parts...not many on the market this week! Did a quick hike on Saturday to prep for the 11 year old scouts map and compass hike.

Suzzy-I drove, and drove, and North Pointe, to Glendale College and back again over and over and over. As earlier posted,I made salsa, molten at first, but toned down just fine...for some anyway. I also got this boatload of bananas for four bucks, so I made banana muffins, banana bread, and worked to freeze the rest for future treats. Did more pantry organizaion - more containers for herbs, spices, etc. and some gluten for bread making (now I have to become proficient at it, as I have all the ingredients,etc. but lack the skill!!) On projects, I completed painting the stucco on the outside of the lower courtyard and now am working on the inner courtyard. I also finished the sixth Harry Potter...soooo good!

Kayty-started second sememster at Glendale Community College. Loved ALL her classes! Especially likes her hour long private voice lesson and her piano class, though she was not too happy that her first solo piece for her diction class is in French. Got to party at Party City an extra few days -coworker has pneumonia. Went to Friday forum at the Institute, and went to a Single Adult Skating Party last night.

Nathan-busy week. Football weight workouts, school - good grades still (still on principals list), speech team practice- memorize and memorize speech-for tournament yesterday. It was his first time to compete. Didn't win or anything, forgot part of his speech once, but did better each time, so we were just so pleased he got to compete! Also went with church young men to "Speed Street" and had a great time. Worked on truck engine...deliveries of racing cam and gaskets were a real hit!

That's it...Next week, more granite, more painting, more motor work, maybe some welding, Kayty's first women's choir practice...the fun never stops!