Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fiesta Bowl Parade

I will catch up later on the wonderful time we had with our kids and grandbabies. This morning, we again were members of the "Play It Again Band" and marched in the Fiesta Bowl Parade. I thought it would be a to practice last night later than usual, so I lost my usual spot, and then late comers kept scrunching in my row and I moved twice. I swore if someone came and scrunched me one more time ... but, I digress... I was not exactly looking forward to the festivities, but, even though I was miserable that Adam and Grace were on their way home, we walked around, watched many other bands,
got our pic with the Ohio State University Mascot, and just snooped. The parade was great, lots more people (now, I don't exactly know if there were lots more, or I just saw them because I had memorized my music and could watch!) and we had the best time, and ... endured to the end.

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Danyel said...

Mom you guys did great and it was fun to try to pick you out of the group.