Monday, December 29, 2008

Everything Is Just Ducky!

My dear sweet hubby has worked tirelessly through his first days of his vacation to complete the next phase of the playground for our grandkids. This time, he added a high platform and fireman pole to slide on, and he finally got the ducky installed. Now, the ducky is quite significant. We got this many years ago from Grampa Dick. Our kids played and played on it until the spring under him just broke. It sat for years. Then, Doran decided to clean him up and he meticulously painted him, with good car paint. Then we tried to install him, but had the wrong spring. We looked and looked, and then finally got the perfect one. And now, our playground is ready for the arrival later this week of Adam and Grace!


the W* family said...

It looks soooooooo good! Adam and Grace are so psyched to play on it! We'll just have to help Grace up, I think. :)

Jannicke said...

That looks like so much fun. I might just have to send Erik over to your house to play. I am sure your grandkids will love the playground. Enjoy watching them play!

starleen said...

wow you guys did a great job it looks like fun and the grandkids will love it.