Sunday, December 14, 2008

Learning Something New This Year

Once, in a Relief Society lesson, I remember a teacher speaking about transitions...that our life is full of them. We transition from being single to being married, and as each child comes along that brings a new transition. Then, school, high school, college: kids leaving, kids rebelling, kids going on missions, kids returning from missions, marriage. I just figured, at the big deal. Change happens. Then, when Allison began to attend the Singles' six little ducks all sitting with Mommy every Sunday. That was hard! I adjusted, and as the other ducks left the row, it wasn't so bad. I adjusted to being a mother in law...hopefully I have been a nice one! Then, grandbabies come along...a great adjustment. Kids moving away...not so great an adjustment, but email, blogs, cell phones, and even text messaging (my sons LOVE that texting...I am slow, but I am learning!) Then, more kids leave, and now at the ward Christmas dinner, there we sat at the front table...five empty seats...only one son left with us (complaining that he had other things to do!) Everyone else had their families, their neighbors. That was fine, but my life now is no neighbors (living on an acre with a Romanian Church next door to you does that) and no big family. I went home feeling empty, though the whole ward dinner thing was great...well planned, food my hubby and son could mostly eat, and a fantastic Polynesian performance for us...the best ward Christmas party ever, in my estimation...except I am faced with another transition. The "busy holidays, busy family" to the quiet. We get no work parties...Honeywell is closing the plant over the next two years and all will need to find other nothing to party about! I now know how many times I was so caught up in my life that I forgot to look and see if someone else needed something. I have learned so much. Too bad it had to come from my experience rather than those who tried to teach make me aware. This transition too will pass. I am happy. I love my life. I love the wonderful people I get to go to Church with. I love Rachelle Werner for listening to my needs when I didn't even express them. I am blessed, and I will make sure no one else ever comes in contact with me without feeling the same blessings I do now.

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