Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wonderful Gifts From My Family

I just love Christmas, as you probably have guessed. I start Dec. 26th amassing stocking stuffers for everyone (I already have at least 10 things). I love the gifts my kids have given me over the years. We still use the little tray that Allison bought for me at Santa's Secret Store when she was in first grade to put our cookies for Santa on. I have recipe holders and key chains and they are my dearest treasures. But, there is something amazing when they have jobs and can go to the store and decide their budget and then purchase gifts for you. This year, Ethan and Cameo got me the Polar Bear Palace for my Dept 56 Village (Ethan told me about it last year when he saw it in Vegas, and I hoped and hoped all year that they would get it for me!) Doran and Danyel knew I needed wooden spoons, but instead of just wood, they got me nice bamboo spoons. They also got me a sticker for my car window. You see, I wanted a Prep Falcon from Nate's school, but they didn't have them any more. So, Doran traced the Falcon from a small logo, and then Danyel had her employer make me a vinyl sticker. So, now I have "Falcon Fire" and the coolest Falcon on my window.Kayty was amazing. First, she got me a "ring" for my cell phone. Now, when Dee calls, I get to hear my favorite song, Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby! Then, she stuffed my stocking with a warm, green hat, scarf, and gloves, lots of Hot Cocoa lotion from Ulta, new mascara (You don't realize you need new until you get new and see how awful your old stuff really was!), Jelly Belly's, my favorite watermelon gum, an Old Navy Christmas shirt, hoop earrings, a necklace and earrings...well, she was just amazing! And then, Nathan found out that I really wanted this Fisher Price Nativity...I had a small one, but my angel didn't sing. I thought sure they would sell out, but he got one. And Allison and Mike are coming next week for a visit, so I get to see my grandbabies open the stocking and gifts we got. They are simply the most wonderful kids in the world, and I am so very grateful they thought of me and cared so much!

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