Thursday, December 4, 2008

Drive and Drive

My morning went as usual...exercise, run, wrap a few presents, wake everyone up, make Dee's breakfast, (didn't make a lunch-hot dogs are not good on the second day in a lunch!), make Nate's breakfast, get Dee out the door, get the in the car and going to seminary and school. Nothing special at all. Then, as I was turning into Nate's school parking lot, he said, "Thanks for driving me to school, Mom." Now, to many, this would seem like not a big deal to drive your kid to school, but Nathan attends a wonderful charter school that is 10 miles from our house...that's 40 miles of driving a day, just to get him to school. I so appreciated his thanks, and told him how much it meant. I'm glad he gets to go to a school with smaller classes, greater opportunities, and good friends. It was worth it before today to make the drive, but now, it makes the drive that much better! Thank YOU, Nate, for being so grateful!

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