Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catching Up: Kayty's College Choirs Winter Concert

I have spent literally years attending choir/chorus concerts. Allison, Ethan and Doran were in elementary school chorus at Mountain Shadows and Desert Sage Schools, and Morgan and Kayty were in the chorus at Las Brisas (Nathan, such a rebel, just refused to participate) and I loved hearing them sing, especially at Christmas time. The music was beautiful, and, though they attended different elementary schools, they all were taught by one teacher: Mrs. Jan Hanen (the only teacher ever to survive all six Rice kids!) These performances made my holiday that much more special. Then, in middle and high school, Kayty decided to attend a performing arts school, and those concerts were spectacular, as well. However, none compared to the one we attended on Thursday...Kayty's G.C.C. Women's and A Capella Choirs concert. Something about people who CHOOSE to perform simply because they love it and want to pursue it as a career. I sat in awe as I listened and experienced these gifted people getting to something they are passionate about.

She loves to sing!

Kayty played the hand bells for the A Capella Choir.

Kayty plays the finger cymbals on the opening number for the Women's Choir.

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Stacie Aho said...

Wow, look at her go! So many musical talents. She looks great up there! That's so awesome you've had so many kids in chorus.