Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve...Let the Fun Begin

We are all ready and waiting for Dee to get ready. Then, off to my Mom's (Nano's) for Christmas Eve. Then, it will be a Christmas full of firsts. First time my big kids have their own Christmas before coming to our house. I bet Cameo and Danyel are so glad they can start their own traditions. It will be the first time my Adam is at home and gets Christmas ON Christmas. He and Grace will be always on my mind and in my heart as I imagine their eyes when they first see their stockings filled and, hopefully, Grace gets her pink or blue bike, and Adam gets the things he wanted (well, maybe not the dog!) It will be our first time to have no anxious little ones ready to see what Santa brought. There aren't many secrets when Santa has to get things for an almost 16 year old and an almost 18 year old. It will be the first time I can actually sleep in...and that sounds great! It will be the first time I had to buy cookies for Santa (the funeral and all my driving to and from mortuaries, airports, etc. took all my baking time. Lofthouse sugar cookies are sure a good treat for Santa!)First time one of the kids - Nathan - suggested we read the version of the Birth of our Savior out of both the Bible and the Book of Mormon (what a chance to compare the experiences of those who were actually there vs. those who were on the American continent at that time.)It will be a night of love, of gratitude, of family...

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