Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve at Nano's House

Every Christmas Eve, we eat and have the best time at my mom's house...we call her Nano (named for my great grandmother - Nano). Dee smokes pulled pork (this year was his best ever!!), mom makes "Ed's Beans" (a recipe from her boyfriend that he made while he was alive and my kids DEMAND for this every year, though he only shared his secret recipe with Nathan!), her wonderful turkey dressing, macaroni salad, Nano Carrot Sticks, and she makes pizelles for dessert. The food was fabulous, and everyone loved the fact that they got to take home some. (their favorite Christmas morning breakfast is leftovers from Christmas Eve)

Presents come next. First, there are the "basket gifts": things like toothpaste, gum, nuts, candy, whatever treasures she finds throughout the year. We all just love them! And finally, the regular gifts. The kids always find it a special treat to get a "Nano Blanket" a fleece blanket that she sews and ties. Ethan and Cameo got a "double wide" this year! We had such fun, and even ran out after presents to Walgreens and got a Bingo game, M&M's and Skittles for markers, and a puzzle to do. Such a fun time!

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