Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grammy Day!!

Eating Goulash, Green Salad, Grapes (note to self...never freeze grapes in food saver...tasty, but mushy!), golfish crackers
Part of the building materials...there was a great selection, thanks to months of sales, and a daughter who works at Party City!

This is a picture of Ethan and Cameo...now, Ethan did really well for the picture, but then disappeared when the real work began. That's okay. Cameo and I did the side walls, and then Ethan returned for the big finish! (Sounds like a 5th grade science project, doesn't it?)
Kayty and her friend Stephanie worked on Halloween themed houses.


peachytiffers said...

That is a TON of candy!!

starleen said...

wow it looks like alot of fun we still dont have the decorations on our house yet brandi and i need to make the time. it looks great all of the houses.

Alisa said...

I think the pink palace one is DEFINITELY my favorite ;)